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Monday, August 25, 2014

im sure most of you are familiar with Gold Choice, famous for their coffee 
and they are now having a new outlet at Penang Times Square which combine a cafe and 
a barista academy. it is a very great news for coffee lovers, or even anyone who interested 
in coffee and coffee art, they are offering short courses now! i was so lucky to have 
attended the intensive coffee course by Gold Choice, got to know the history and basic 
knowledge of coffee, also have the opportunity to learn how to make a good coffee!

Gold Choice Cafe & Barista Academy at Penang Times Square

six courses available in Gold Choice:
- Basic barista course
- Professional barista course
- Basic latte art course
- Advance latte art course
- Cafe management
- Coffee roasting course

besides coffee course, they are selling all the coffee machines and coffee makers, 
i can say it is your one-stop shopping place for all the coffee equipments!

yummy food and coffee in Gold Choice Cafe:

the choices for the food was quite limited, but they definitely served good coffee, 
i had their hot cappuccino and i will be returning for their iced coffee which i did not try it that day

Iced mocha // RM10.90
Iced caramel macchiato // RM11.90

Affogato // RM9.90

the barista academy is located at the first floor of Gold Choice 
loaded with all the coffee equipments, a spacious and comfortable space

our tutor for the day - David, who has 8years experience of making coffee in Australia, 
he is also the champion for national coffee 3D art competition in Thailand.
the class started with some short introduction of coffee and also its history, then continued with
all the types of coffee and the differences. frankly, i always find all the coffee very confusing,
thanks to David, now i know what is the difference of flat white, macchiato and caffe latte LOL (very paiseh)

coffee chart at Gold Choice Barista Academy

coffee flavour wheel at Gold Choice Barista Academy

after the simple coffee intro, 
David started to demonstrate the steps to make a good coffee:

demonstrating how to make a simple and nice latte art

3D coffee art was also part of the class, super excited!
was surprised that it was pretty simple to make a 3D coffee art, 
if you have the skill, then its all about the creativity to make a coffee art stands out!

David was helping Kelly on her latte art, i can say it was a quite successful one!

my turn to act like a pro ;p

and making my very own 3D panda coffee!
who knows i might become a barista in the future? :p

*a big thank you to Gold Choice Barista Cafe & Academy for extending the invitation*


[[GOOD NEWS!!!!!!]]

Asia's 3D coffee art championship 2014 will be held in SPICE this 26th October, 
if any of you are interested, please get the application form here! cash prizes awaiting!

and if you are interested with the coffee courses, 
please do visit Gold Choice at Penang Times Square for more details!

Gold Choice Barista Cafe & Academy
Address: 77G8 - 77G9, Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 04 226 6379
Opening hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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8 dreamers

  1. Jenni, when you become a barista, please let me know. I want to be the first to try your coffee. :-)

    1. hahahaha of course! but if you cirit birit dont blame me ya :p

  2. Aww it looks super interesting!!! would love to go for it but too bad it's at Penang :'((


    1. hi vivian :D
      yes it was an interesting experience!

  3. Hi there, Which course you took there?

    1. hello! the course is just a short introduction class for beginners :)

  4. Hello...i wanna to learn barista coffee latte art

  5. What is the price for learning basic latte art ?


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