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Saturday, August 02, 2014

today's post will be a review on Miss Hana waterproof gel eyeliner. im sure most of you heard of 
Miss Hana's famous waterproof eyeliner, originated from Taiwan, it is waterproof, smudge-proof, 
long-lasting, comes in a beautiful pinkish packaging and in a very affordable price!

special thanks to Natta Cosme for these awesome eyeliners! 
really love how they packed so nicely for every parcel ♥

Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

it's based on waterproof, oil, concentrated colour three demands: 

■ Extreme colour, beyond the shortcomings of poor market Eyeliner Pen hair colour, 
evenly coloured and achieve colour full excellent natural lines to create three-dimensional deep eyes! 

■ Gelatinous texture characteristics of the ◎ plastic pen type, stroke smooth, the texture of 
moderate hardness, ductility, pen design easy to use easy to draw. Perfect to fill the liner at 
the accurate fast draw a variety of eye type, make the eyes more attractive. 

■ Extremely waterproof removable --- a long time anti-sweat, anti-tears, oil, and maintain a 
whole day without smudges. Even dim Dan atheistic eyes can easily outline the eagle electric 
eye or deep cat eye makeup, can easily have, and become the focus of public attention!

got to review two of the gel eyeliners, they have four colours in total:

1. Night Black
2. Galaxy Black
3. Choco Brown
4. Golden Brown

reviewing two of the bling bling eyeliner today: Galaxy Black and Golden Brown. 
they are not really that bling until people can see the glitters from far but they are loaded with shimmer 
and micro-glitters, more to natural tones than glittery jewel tones. they come in a sturdy pencil with a
matching cap, like any other pencil eyeliners they require sharpening once dull.

and they are really really waterproof, feeling really curious and i decided to try it on my hand under a running water tap, 
the result was very satisfying. waterproof formula stays in place all day - wont budge or smudge. it is easy to remove too, 
you will need an oil-based remover in order to take these off without excessively scrubbing. 

*im using Biore Cleansing Wipe*

using Galaxy Black here on my usual make up. the texture is creamy, smooth and intense 
colour probably one of the darkest and blackest gel eyeliner that i've ever wear!

if you are looking for a waterproof gel eyeliner in an affordable price, please get one here for only RM24.90! 
who knows it might be your next favourite eyeliner? 


Natta Cosme will be having a 20% off for Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner, 
simply key in "MHES 20" on your purchase. This code valid until 31/08/2014.

Natta Cosme is having a special National Day Promotion now, 
head over to their web and grab all the goodies before it ends!

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