Route 9@Bishop Street

Monday, August 11, 2014

my second visit to Route 9 for dinner last weekend and now they have these portrait paintings on the
 wall, beautiful right? adding some colours to the grey wall is always a good idea to brighten up the space!

Route 9 is one of the latest restaurant in town serving delicious western dishes with an affordable price,
 located at Bishop Street just right beside Gohkaki. i went twice for dinner, the food was good and the
 staffs were friendly and attentive! i love the simple and clean environment, nothing fancy but yes, its a
 comfortable place to dine in.

Route 9 skewer // RM8.90
a must-try! it was really delicious and well-marinated chicken, 
served on a sizzling hot plate, pretty tempting!

Route 9 chicken chop // RM14.90

one of their signature dish. i love the gravy it was thick and flavourful, 
went so well with the crunchy boneless chicken!

Basil pesto with chicken breast // RM15.90

the chicken breast was grilled nicely, juicy and soft with some scent of herbs. 
served with mashed potato, veggie and pesto sauce.

 Pesto pasta // RM15

super in love with their pesto pasta it was super good, pesto lovers have to try it out! 
cooked with button mushroom and smoked ham, served with two pieces of garlic bread.

Milky oat chicken // RM15.90

Creamy herbs lamb // RM17.50

Coriander fish with rice // RM15

served with veggie and steamed rice. i dont really like coriander but this dish was ok for me,
the fish was soft and juicy with the scent of the coriander and garlic, a little lemon juice was
added and it was perfect!

we had everything above in a complete set - by adding only RM6 you can have:

Beverage: iced lemon tea or iced peach tea

Appetiser: mushroom soup and bread

Dessert: ice-cream

Route 9
Address: 36, Lebuh Bishop, 10200, Georgetown
Phone: 04 263 9899   0103856600
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm (Closed on Sunday)
Facebook: Route 9

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8 dreamers

  1. U really a pesto lover haha ! I went it twice too. Always full house and crowded everyday. Business soooo good !

    1. hahaha i love pesto very much! if you try any nice pesto must let me know har :p

  2. hehe next visit I can try their chicken chop and pesto pasta d lolx

    1. next time i wanna try grilled salmon muahahaha

  3. The food looks very nice, Jinni! :-)

  4. mushroom soup look great taste :P

    love the colorful wall decoration ...


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