Chocolate Ville, Bangkok

Monday, September 29, 2014

visited Chocolate Ville like finally! ♥
this beautiful little place is on everyone's lips since the day it was opened to public on year
2012, wanted to visit for so long and planned it during our Bangkok trip last year, planing to
visit this romantic place with boyfriend but we're always not in the right timing -- suffering 
from a bad diarrhoea with bibi on my previous trip :'(  so i made it this time with mommy
and sisters during my Bangkok+Huahin trip this July.

Chocolate Ville is designed into a little European town with a very spacious dinning area 
that you can pick your table at any area of the place. i can say it is one of the very scenic restaurant
in Bangkok, although it is a little far away from the town but it definitely worth a visit! was a little
unlucky because the day i visited was a rainy day, after a tiring shopping and heavy downpour we
 were still raring to go, trapped in the bad traffic for one and a half hour and we reached around 9pm.

very happy that the rain stopped when we reached, doubled the happiness when we saw
how beautiful the entrance was! a little red wooden gas station brighten up with lightbulbs,
so beautiful! cant stop taking pics although we were super hungry hehehe

followed the way beside the entrance and it leads us to the reception, the staff got us a
table at the riverside, wanted to take the outdoor seat but they're all wet. the indoor seats were
almost full although it was raining that night, the night scene in Chocolate ville was really
beautiful, cant stop taking photos at every corner of the place LOL.

duckies spotted!!!!! mad cute ♥

Chocolate Ville's map

the lovely view beside our table!

the menu was separated into two sections: Thai & Western
we decided to go for Western! ordered some dishes for sharing and leave some space
for their desserts as they look super good! quite surprise with the price though, the price of 
the food was ok, can say dinning in such beautiful romantic place was totally worth the price!
and all of the dishes tasted really good too, didn't expect much at first, but everyone of us 
was really satisfied with the food and helpful services here!

Our food of the night:

German ham hock // 420baht

it was delicious!!! it was soft and meaty evenly coated with a thin layer of fat, and covered with a 
layer of extremely crispy skin! had it with glutinous rice and pickles, YUMS! 
(porky dishes like roasted pig or pork knuckle will never be a bad choice in Thailand!)

Seared tuna with black and white sesame // 315baht
a japanese style pasta, the tuna was slightly smoked and covered with sesame!

Salmon terriyaki // 345baht 
the salmon was grilled into medium raw, cooked with terriyaki sauce and enoki, 
added a little lemon juice it was just prefect! it was my favourite of the night!

Grilled white fish with assorted mushroom // 205baht
it was a less-exciting-dish compared to the others, but it was still ok, 
nicely grilled white fish served with sauteed mushroom and pasta!

Squid ink spaghetti with soft shell crab in black pepper sauce // 285baht 
another favourite of mine! my cousin had this and he was totally in love with it!
the soft shell crab was so yummyyyyy, the veggies and everything goes really well with
black pepper sauce, love that they added capsicums!

Olio salmon spaghetti // 215baht

Grilled chicken gorden bleu // 275baht

Mushroom soup // 105baht

Mojito // 175baht

Japanese peach juice // 90baht       Pineapple milk // 75baht

Tiramisu // 145baht

Chocolate marshmallow // 145baht

Banana chocolate crepe // 105baht

everything was fine! a very satisfying meal :D
jalan-jalan after that and photo session:

with my beautiful mama and sis!

a private function room

ending this post with baby's sleepy face ♥ baby Ash was exhausted that night!

and yellow ducklings ♥

Chocolate Ville Bangkok
Address: Chocolate Ville, Kaseth Nawamin 10230 Bangkok Thailand.
How to go: BY CAB! it is the only way to go. it costed us 400baht from Siam area to
Chocolate Ville (around 30mins) and 450baht from Chocolate Ville to Banyan Tree.
Phone: +66 83 077 3738
Opening hours: 4pm - 12am daily
Facebook: Chocolate Ville (for reservation!)

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13 dreamers

  1. I missed out this lovely place too during my visit cos too far far away~ I'm so regret and definitely will visit this place if i go bkk again.

    1. you should go!!! you can take alot of nice pics here im sure <3

  2. 去了曼谷很多次,就是没有机会来到这个地方...错过了....下次一定要去!!

    1. 要去要去!虽然远了点,但是我觉得很值得去呢

  3. May I ask if it is easy to get a cab from chocolate ville back to hotel? Thanks. :)

    1. yes the time i went it was quite convenient, there is a cab counter in chocolate ville, so there is no problem to get a cab back to hotel!

  4. Hi, u went santorini Park as well? :)

    1. hi! yes i went too, havent got the time to blog about it yet :p

    2. I am going on end of April and the biggest problem i faced is transport to Santorini Park T^T

    3. haha ok.... i have a contact it might helps! message me ok? :D

  5. Do you have the contact to Hua Hin, Santorini park?

  6. Hi, may i know what is the best timing to go chocolate ville if i want to avoid the traffic jam?

  7. Chocolate Ville ~ I did it. Romantic Scene for photo shoot n dinner. Value for money. Ard SGD 40.00 /pax. (Included taxi fare for 2 way & dinner)


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