Monkeycup Cafe@Chow Thye Road

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Monkeycup cafe started their business since june, only two months and everybody knew
about their good coffee. i was there for twice this month, it is now my favourite place for 
greentea latte, madly in love with it! unlike any other cafe in town, Monkeycup cafe serves
Thai food instead of egg benedicts, my first time having coffee after Thai food, 
another great way to end a meal!

it located at Chow Thye Road, right before the turning to the carpark, you can see a signage 
with lightbulbs on your right, the compound was fully utilised into a cozy alfresco area and 
a mini monkey-cup plantation - which explains the name of the cafe!

the entire interior was pretty simple, grey and brown furnishing and 
natural sunlights (favourite!!!) a very earthy-tone feeling, loving the seats along the 
corridor, simple, warm atmosphere enjoying a cup of coffee, couldn't ask for more.

drinks menu -  price range from RM6.90 to RM13.90

another space at 1st floor, a nice place for private functions/parties!

one thing special about the cafe, is that they are serving Peaberry beans, which is a
round pea-shaped bean that contains two seeds that develop with flattened facing sides, 
typically around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are of this form.

according to the owner of Monkeycup cafe, peaberry beans are widely reputed to 
roast better than flat berries, being said to roast more evenly, because their rounder 
shape minimizes sharp edges and allows the berries to roll about the roasting chamber 
more easily, as well as because the alleged higher bean density may improve heat 
transfer in the roasting process.

Americano // RM7.90

Caffe latte // RM9.90

Cappuccino // RM9.90

Iced doicetto & Iced greentea latte // RM12.90 each
i had a sip of greantea latte and it was surprisingly good! a thick and rich scent of greentea and a
little hint of jasmine, both my favourite, cant tell how much i love them together!

Som tam // RM10.80
orange and green apple was added in this dish, it was very appetising and refreshing!
spicy, sweet and sour, the combination of the texture was perfect too - softness papaya slices, 
crunchiness of the green apple and the roasted peanuts..... yums!

Croissantism // RM12.80

scramble egg and melted cheese! i love the croissant itself very much, soft and fluffy!

Angelababie // RM12.80
nicely cooked angel hair, creamy sauce evenly coated on the angel hair,
cooked with button mushroom and smoked chicken ham!

Terriyaki chicken burger // RM15.80

the chicken was well-marinated with terriyaki sauce, served with salad and
potato wedges. the potato wedges was my favourite! it was a little burnt, soft but crispy, thumbs up! 

Basil leaves chicken // RM12.50

if you are a basil lover like me, this is a must-order for you! i can swallow all the basil
leaves, the scent of basil was PERFECT! served with veggies, daily boiled soup and 
a beautiful sunny-side-up egg!

Chocolata // RM4.90

Strawberry, Oreo & Greentea cheesecake // RM10.90 each

perfect dessert to end the meal! my favourite - oreo cheesecake

Monkeycup Cafe
Address: 36C, Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 012 209 5536
Opening hours: 9am - 12am daily
Facebook: Monkeycup cafe

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