Secawan Hutton@Hutton Lane

Saturday, September 13, 2014

wanted to visit Secawan since long time ago but i was really lazy to get up early on 
weekends...... Secawan Hutton has been pretty crowded lately, it has became one of the
hottest breakfast spot in Penang i can say, yummy food and nice coffee! i really love their
Ms Benedict, poached egg served with smoked salmon and english muffin, overall was
nice, but i would be happier if some spinach, rocket or asparagus was added :p

Ms Bearnaise // RM24.90

Basil & pine nuts pesto pasta // RM16.90
not the best i had but it's a decent and presentable dish! the aroma of basil was really
strong and rich, a must-try for basil lover!

Matcha latte // RM9.90 
too milky for my liking, expecting it to be more heavier on the greentea side.....

Apple crumble smoothie // RM14

Affogato // RM9.90

Secawan Hutton's menu
breakfast from 8am-2pm and pasta from 11am-4pm only! 
if you visit after 4pm, can try their cakes and pies: 

my favourite totoro phone case from Drezee!!!!!

Secawan n Such on Hutton
Address: 205, Hutton Lane, 10500 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 019 528 8112
Opening hours: 8am-12am Tuesday-Sunday (closed on Monday)
Facebook: Secawan Hutton

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10 dreamers

  1. Im pesto pasta lover too!
    I wished to try their basil & pine nuts pesto pasta long time ago.......
    Mind to share where else can i get nice pesto pasta at Penang? ^^

    1. me too!!! *high five*
      not easy to find nice pesto in penang :(
      one of my favourite is Ben's!

  2. Ur phone case so chubby ~~~

    This cafe is getting famous with their benedict series. Heard that Mr.Benedict is superb awesome and comes with giant portion. Okay, will drop by soon, hehe !

    1. go try babe! i think you will love this place :D

  3. Why is it called Ms Benedict, i.e. feminine name? :-)

  4. 这件我还没去过~看起来还蛮不错的,可能是你拍的照片吸引我~哈哈~

    1. 不客气 :)

  5. i love their foods, but not that green tea..haha

    1. omg same!!! i dont like the green tea too :(


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