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Monday, September 22, 2014

hello loves ♥
visited The Classroom Cafe last month, a cute classroom-themed cafe located at Raja Uda just
opened not long ago.... i think since July? was there for dinner on a saturday night, relaxing 
ambience and reasonable price, the food was average but the beverages were good! we had 
lemon yogurt and honeydew milk, both were good especially the honeydew milk that bb ordered, 
taste abit like 蜜瓜西米露..... love it!

Honeydew milk // RM6.50

Lemon yogurt // RM6.50

and the piggy glass! super cute right? ♥

just like in the classroom, you can see blackboard and chalks in the cafe, and also paper and 
crayon on each table, you can show your creativity or even conteng your table to release stress :p

boardgames corner!

their notebook menu, all hand-written

we had mushroom soup, chicken spaghetti and grilled chicken, forgot the price but each 
dish was around RM10+, price was quite reasonable with this portion, not much to 
shout about the taste though. wanted to try their cakes but not much choices left, so we
had their affogato! 

Affogato // RM9.50

The Classroom
Address: 2, Lorong Teras Jaya 9, 13400, Butterworth Penang.
Phone: 04 313 3919
Opening hours: 11am-1am daily
Facebook: Theclassroom cafe

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9 dreamers

  1. Sounds great, seems like there are quite a lot of new cafes mushrooming at Butterworth. I am quite worried that the chalk powder could fly over to my cuppa coffee :x

    1. hahaha i never thought of that!
      yes! some cafes at butterworth are quite good :D

  2. Never knew there is such a nice cafe in Raja Uda, and yes the piggie mug is cuteeeeee! <3

  3. My friend went there last week and she told me that their service is bad though :/

    1. the day i went the service was ok, just only three staffs serving 15+ tables... abit slow lo


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