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Friday, October 10, 2014

hello lovelies ♥
very happy to receive parcel from Hishop! a pink box with their tagline 'Making Beauty Accessible' 
printed on, yes, you can get all the beauty products by just a click here!

received a box of Reborn StemCell Placenta for review this time. my first time trying a placenta
 beauty drink, i always thought it will not taste good but i was wrong, it tasted like a fruity drink to
 me! im sure most of you heard about Reborn StemCell Placenta, it is the first beauty skin beverage
 that consists marine placenta and natural algae stem cells that available in Malaysia!

10g x 14 sachets per box

Marine ingredients (海洋干细胞胎盆素)

Ingredients and Nutrition information

expiry date on each packet

Marine placenta or animal placenta?
animal placenta was quite common but now most people consume marine placenta than
animal placenta. both animal and marine placenta contains 18 kinds of amino acids, collagen,
elastin, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, nucleic acid, superoxide dismutase(SOD), immune co-factor,
peptide of placenta epidermal growth factor(EGFs), senescent cell activating factor(SCAFs) and 
Vitamin B complex, same ingredients but in different composition. Marine placenta is only 600Dalton but animal 
placenta is normally over 1000Dalton, with the lower molecular weight, marine placenta is easier to absorb
 and penetrate into our blood stream. 

Benefits of Marine placenta
- Protects, repairs and regenerates cells
- Vitalizes fibroblast cells to produce collagen glycosaminoglycan, 
elastic fibres and glycoprotein.
- Works internally (body) to externally (skin)
- Liquid form, easier to absorb and utilise by body
- Free of BSE, Fool-and-mouth disease, Animal Flu or H1N1. all raw 
materials have been tested and traced. 
- HALAL certified
- Patented

Major functions
StemCell - overcome sagging skin to become firmer, smoother, softer and moisture.
Placenta - reduces signs of skin aging and epidermal problems such as fine lines, wrinkles,
 pigmentation, freckle, dull skin tone, dryness, eye bags and dark eye circles.
Royal jelly - improves metabolism process of the cells and enhance antibody effect.
Peptides - Strengthen skin tightness, restore skin elasticity and firmness, contract large pores.
Hyaluronic acid - improved fried and rough skin
L-glutathione - sunblock effect and immediate whitening effect

take a sachet into a glass

pour in 200ml of water

stir well and drink it!

i had a sachet every two days for two weeks, the most visible result is it brightens up my skin tone and 
lightens the colour of scars, having a clearer and fairer skin tone now, i can feel my pore size reduced too, 
smoother and less-oily skin! well i just have it for a short-term, can't really ask for more ;)

as a female i must say, it is very important to maintain a healthy and beautiful look, not just by putting 
makeups and beauty products on your face, health food and supplement drink are important too because it 
makes you beautiful from in to out, maintaining beautiful glowing skin is very important, everybody have young and 
strong skin when we were young, but when day goes by our skin will become flabby and weaker.... 
like this:

LOL, 10 years older and 10 years younger, right?

special discount for my readers, 
just key in my name: JINNITAN to enjoy a 15% rebate! ♥

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