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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Paper Pepper-another nice cafe in town located at Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (right beside
Sip & Chew Cafe) just a few steps beside Kuan Im Temple. Opened just few months ago and i really
 love the 'future mail' concept and its interior! who wants to say something to yourself in the future?
make sure you visit this place to find out more!

postcards to the future.
every postcard is scheduled to be post on the date that requested, it can be birthdays,
mother's day, valentine's day, anniversaries or just a sincere greeting on a random day.
i've once posted a postcard when im in taiwan on october 2012 and received it a year after
that, i felt super good and it reminds me all the beautiful memories i have there,
the feeling was indescribable when you receive something from the 'old' you!

another thing that caught my attention, was the interior of this cafe. the decorations are
simple but quirky, playful colours created a very cheerful and happy atmosphere, a very
nice and relaxing place to have coffee with friends and have a small talk about the future ;)

the wall of fame in Paper Pepper

all the moments on the wall
it can be your memories, your feelings, some inspiration quotes or even just conteng conteng.

choice of postcard, all super cute right!  designed and printed by Paper Pepper

RM5 each. and for first year delivery is free ♥

our food and drinks on that evening:

Coconut latte // RM12
Laygin had their signature coffee-coconut lattle! the combination sounds good, right? 
i think coconut lovers must try!

Mint latte // RM12
Enqvist had another signature coffee, iced mint latte!

Coco Choco // RM9
CK had this cute little bear hot choco!

Passion lychee soda // RM9
Jazz's pick! sounds like a perfect thirst-quencher on a hot afternoon.

Mango passion smoothie // RM12
Mango passion smoothie for Jennifer! they are using fresh passion fruit that is why you can 
see the blended black seeds in the yellowish glass.

Strawberry smoothie // RM12
the sweetness of my strawberry smoothie was just nice.... it has the natural taste of
strawberry but not too sweet, love it!

Canapés // RM13
everyone of us love this colourful little dish very much, not only beautiful but its yummy too!
i love all the canapés with cucumber, the crunchiness can goes well with everything, dont ya think so?
and for this dish, you will have to take the savoury first and makes the sweet bites of
 strawberry canapés as a perfect ending!

Pig in the blanket // RM10
cocktail sausages wrapped with bacon and grilled with special sauce! a meaty snack, 
would be nice it goes with beer.

Toast box // RM12.50
thick toast topped with scrambled egg, tuna, capsicum and cucumber. the toast was a little too oily 
for me, but it would be ok if i had it with veggies.

Big breakfast // RM21
look at the portion...... scrambled egg, bacon, ham, baked beans, sausage, toast and fresh veggie, seriously i cant finish it by myself, my tummy will burst!!! big breakfast only available on 
weekends from 11am-3pm.

Aglio olio mushroom pasta // RM15.90
aglio olio is always my favourite, especially with lots lots of olives! 
the pasta was cooked perfectly with a handful of mushroom, overall it was delicious!

Cabonara pasta with bacon and egg // RM17.90
it was rich and creamy, the sauce and bacon got me! the sauce was flavourful but it wont 
be too greasy, cabonara lover must try!

Grilled saba fish // RM17.90
i never see any cafe offering grilled saba fish, if you wanna try something different, grilled 
saba fish will be a nice choice. it served with potato wedges and fresh veggies, dont forget 
to squeeze some lemon juice over the fish!

Grilled chicken with cheese // RM16.90
grilled boneless chicken topped with melted cheese, served with potato wedges and fresh veggies!

Cake of the day
they offer different cake everyday, what we had that day was chocolate cake with cream cheese,
served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! i quite enjoy the chocolate cake with cream cheese,
just that it was a bit sweet, but the texture was just nice!

Chocolate pancake // RM15
the first reaction to this pancake was 'OMG SO CUTE',  feel bad to spoil the chocolate 
bunny hahaha! a beautiful dessert to end our day!

Paper Pepper Postcard & Cafe
Address: 70, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, 10200, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 261 4291
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 3pm-12am, Saturday & Sunday 11am-12am
Facebook: Paper Pepper
Instagram: paperpeppercafe

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