Tian Men Mountain (天门山) @Zhangjiejie (张家界)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Zhangjiajie has alot of beautiful places to visit, but sadly, we have only a day
here, those places were to far for us to visit. thus, we got to visit the nearest mountain,
Tian Men Mountain! it is a mountain located within Tianmen Mountain National 
Park, Zhangjiajie. in case you havent read about my zjj's post previously, read here to 
know more about this beautiful place! ♥

got our passes and took the cable car! 
 the cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the longest passenger cableway of 
high mountains in the world! (with 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 metres and
 ascent of 1,279 metres)

a glance of the city of Zhangjiajie!

told ya, most of them have their own plantation at the backyard. (read my previous post)

my two babes ♥

the entire journey was around 20minutes and the weather was getting colder...... the fog was 
quite thick that we couldn't really see the top part of the mountain.

spotted all the 油菜花, super beautiful! they were just half blooming, imagine when they
are fully bloomed, would like to make a visit again to wherever that have 油菜花海, like this:

pics from google

soooooo beautiful!

after 10mins, we came to a higher level and different scenery, couldn't describe with
words, every angle is like a painting!

cant imagine someone would travel this far by wheels :x

5minutes before reaching the top, couldn't see whats out there anymore, covered with fog and
we were super cold!

foot prints on 天门山 like finally! but we were so unlucky, missed the view because of the
fog, what we saw was like standing in the cloud, bad weather :(

we should see something like this:
pics from google

and visit this:

pics from google

everything was closed because of the weather and it's getting darker

cant imagine how beautiful the scenery of the cliff will be if it's a sunny day

and the only selfie we took there was blurred hahaha, but i still love it ♥

after spending around an hour at the top we took cable car to another attraction —天门洞

a mini van drove us all the way to 天门洞

can see the 天门洞?LOL

it should be like this:

pics from google

march is not a good month to visit 张家界! LOL

my three friends were very excited and the climbed up and i was left alone hahaha, i was 
dizzy and cold, totally boh lat to climb, so just took some pic, walked around and had 
some hot soup that i got from a stall!

groupie selfie to end this post ♥

read more about 张家界 here. our next destination will be the beautiful 凤凰古城, 
also my favourite place of the entire trip, living there is like living in 武侠小说 LOL
btw i know lately i've been neglecting this space (like only 4 posts in this month?)
will update more often i promised!

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