Kochabi 古早味: Fruit Bar, Gelato Bar & Traditional Ice-cream Potong

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Received a parcel from Kochabi 古早味 last week (thanks to Jazz ♥) KCB provides door to 
door delivery, you can order them here! ice-cream potong, gelato bar and fruit bar were in
the parcel, very excited to try all of them! i am always a big fan of their ice-cream potong,
this is my first time trying their gelato bar and fruit bar!

KCB Fruit Bar // RM30 for 8
Flavours: kiwi, mango, pineapple, strawberry and lemon
the fruit bar is made of fresh fruit pulp, juice, water and sugar without adding any milk,
it has natural fruit flavour with a very refreshing taste! if you are seeking a healthier kind
of fruity ice cream, you can give this a try!

KCB strawberry fruit bar

KCB Gelato Bar // RM30 for 8
Flavours: durian, red bean, cempedak and yam
100% Malaysian traditional recipe by using coconut milk as the base of their gelato,
by adding sugar, egg yolks and fruits for a milkier and creamier taste!

KCB red bean gelato bar

KCB Traditional Stick (Ice cream potong) // RM1.50 per stick
Flavours: durian, sweetcorn, yam, cempedak, red bean. red bean is my all-time-favourite!
i can say ice cream potong is the signature product of KCB, always so good and affordable, 
i can swallow a few stick in a day! :p

Cempedak ice cream potong

receive a pint of yam gelato too! (RM15 per cup)

enjoying my red bean gelato bar hehehe!

Kochabi 古早味 Ice cream
Website: www.kochabi.com

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8 dreamers

  1. Sexy babe with ice cream potong, phewitt~

  2. ur nail color very match with that ice cream(≧ω≦)

  3. phewittt~~ your last photo! leng! =D
    anyway hot weather like these day really need an ice cream!

    Henry Tan

    1. thanks henry! yes, and ice cream melts so fast these days :x


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