Kerastase Discipline Protocol Hair Treatment@Garcons Salon

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

hair-pampering day in Garcons Salon! 
visited two weeks after the launch party to try out the Kerastase Discipline hair treatment.

a big thank you to Garcons Salon for this awesome experience! 

Kerastase Discipline Series

been using it for two weeks and totally in love with the scent, my hair is much more 
smoother and supple now! it also makes my hair blow-dry 50% quicker than usual, amazing right!

was with HH and Crystal! booked the same date so that we can take pictures
for each other :D

Crystal was the earliest, she was almost done when i reached

afternoon tea set was served before the treatment, enjoying my tea throughout the hair 
treatment, what else could i ask for more? :)

my hair before the magic treatment - dull and dry, can obviously see all the split-ends

oh no look at my hair :'(

the entire treatment took around 45mins starting from a hair wash and a nice scalp massage. 
this treatment was heat-activated so after applying the cream it was sealed with a flat iron.

and my hair after that: instant reconstruction and smoothness!

another pic before we left, we are super happy with our pampered-hair!

i was really amazed by this hair treatment, my hair still look amazing after 2 weeks and i can 
wash my hair tangle-less without using a hair conditioner! the price for this Kerastase Discipline 
Protocol Hair Treatment is RM438, booking has to be made 3 days in advance! 

Garçons Salon
Address: 171, Jalan Kelawai, 10250, Georgetown Penang 
Phone: 04 229 8088 
Facebook: Garçons

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