Boat noodles- Pranakorn Boat Noodle Restaurant

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

recently boat noodles in penang reminds me that my post about the boat noodles
i had in bangkok during my previous trip which is still pending :p and maybe because
of the publicity of boat noodles in penang/kl, a few readers have been asking me:

where to have nice/best/authentic boat noodles in bangkok?

i cant compare, cause the only one that i had is this Pranakorn Noodle
Restaurant which i think it is really good!

throwback my previous trip to bangkok & huahin, visited this famous boat noodles
located at victory monument, very very easy to get the this place! just take BTS to
Victory Monument Station, follow the way and you will see the monument in
front of you like this:

follow the sky way to your 12 o'clock direction (right in front of where this pic facing),
just walk down the stairs and the boat noodles is on your right!

you can pick your flavour and noodle here,
my favourite goes to white rice noodle in thicken soup with pork!

white rice noodle in thicken soup with pork

egg noodle in brewed bean curd soup

dry beehun without soup

two of the side dishes are super addictive! we had like 5bowls each @@

meat balls // 100baht

staking bowls from 5 to............ 
oh did i mention the price? each little bowl priced at 10baht, same goes to the side dish.
and every order of 10bowls, will get a bottle of coke for free

my sis and mom posing with all the bowls hahaha
this kind of photo is a must! right?

ok la overall it was a very satisfying meal and we were all happy with it!

Pranakorn Boat Noodle Restaurant
Nearest BTS station: Victory Monument Station

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