DRIP Cafe@Prangin Terrace

Thursday, January 29, 2015

a new cafe located at Prangin Terrace, DRIP simply means
Diversity Reboot Installation Project, the concept of this cafe is actually inspired 
by a district in Tokyo - Akihabara, which is famous for anime and manga shops 
and cosplay cafes! and good news for all the cosplayers in penang,
DRIP Cafe welcomes cosplayers to hangout and gather around in the cafe,
10% discount will be given if you visit DRIP Cafe in full cosplay costume!

the owner of the cafe - Amos has a Gundam collection at a corner of the cafe
they are all placed nicely in a glass rack, not for sale of course, was told 
that these are just part of his collections, he is a big fan of Gundam!

live band performance at DRIP Cafe every Saturday night from 7pm - 10pm!

Kiwi soda / Mixed berry soda // RM11.90 each

Orange tea // RM7.90

Americano // RM6.90

Mocha // RM15.90

Melon, mint & strawberry smoothie // RM12.90

Mango smoothie // RM12.90

Mashed potato with cheese and beef salami // RM7.90

mashed potato baked with cheese is always yummy! 
a quite filling dish although it is just an appetiser, you can ask for
chicken salami if you do not take beef. 

Minestrone soup // RM7.90

a very appetising soup with all the chopped veggies! 

Sandwich platter // RM20.90
sandwich platter that includes different kind of bread, ham and veggie, comes 
with home-made peanut butter, egg spread and tori karaage! i love this
sandwich platter, it is really fun to make your own sandwich by putting
your own favourite ingredients!

Japanese curry rice // RM15.90
my favourite dish in DRIP Cafe! not only because of the utterly cute dolphin
rice, the taste of the japanese curry is just right for me, well-cooked
carrot and potato cubes served with chicken katsu.

Spaghetti napolitan // RM14.90 

Corn cream pasta // RM11.90
my first time having corn cream pasta, creamy and buttery!

Lemon yogurt // RM8.50
their homemade lemon yogurt is one of the best selling item in DRIP Cafe!
the yogurt itself was rich and smooth, the taste of the lemon was very strong,
a must try for lemon yogurt lover!

Rare cheesecake with hot greentea // RM10.90
another best seller, this rare cheesecake is definitely a must-try! soft and bouncy texture,
and the sweetness is just nice! served with a cup of green tea.

Red velvet cake // RM9.50

Chocolate moist cake // RM9.50

Haagen Dazs green tea ice cream // RM9.90

 Chocolate vanilla parfait // RM14.90 
some creativity in ice cream! cute right? they are using Haagen Dazs ice cream here

oh and they are serving set lunch too, 
available from RM17.90 only, do try it out!

Address: 43, Prangin Terrace, Gat Jalan Prangin, 10300 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 04 261 2913
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm (closed on wednesday)
Facebook: DRIP Cafe

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