Kumamono Bear Paw Bun@Queensbay Mall

Monday, January 19, 2015

throwback 2012, i still remember my first bear paw bun at 逢甲夜市, so delicious and 
i couldn't forget the taste of the milk bun filled and pork fillet that i had! :'(  #somuchmemories

after 2 years, so glad that we now can have bear paw bun without travelling to taiwan or kl,
because Kumamono has landed in penang, their first outlet at Queensbay Mall.

located at lower ground floor, between TasteBetter and Kenny Rogers

flavours: milk, whole grain, brown sugar, yam and squid ink
different flavour of KumaBun imported from taiwan
fyi, yam and squid ink are seasonal items so they are not available at the moment,
i heard that strawberry bun are coming soon, I WANNA TRY IT!  ♥

i love combos! which you can enjoy more in a set and pay less hehehe
the sets are from RM10.90 - RM13.90, affordable right?

and here are the 3 simple steps to order your bun:

step 1: select your KumaBun

milk, brown sugar and whole grain

step 2 : select your favourite meat

Kuma's chicken, karage crispy/spicy chicken and oishii fish fillet 

step 3 : select your favourite sauce

tarta sauce, sesame sauce, cheese sauce and black pepper sauce

Kuma's chicken // RM6.90
of course if you do not wanna get the combos, you can get the bun itself!
Kuma's chicken priced at RM6.90, i think juicy grilled chicken fillet goes really well 
with black pepper sauce, dont you think so? ;)

Oishii fish fillet // RM9.90
for oishii fish fillet i must say it is the signature bun in Kumamono, cause
you can have 鱼与熊掌 at the same time if you order this LOL! 

side order:

Fish ball with cheese // RM5.90

Potato wedges // RM4.90   Cheezy wedges // RM5.90

Chicken boxing // RM6.90

Curry fish ball // RM5.90

i love all the sides that they have, especially chicken boxing and curry fish ball! 

for drinks, Kumamono offers soft drinks and some refreshing juices

Lemon honey green tea // RM5.90

had my bear paw bun, so big but i finished it all by myself cause it's so yummy!

my pick: milk bun + karage crispy chicken + tartar sauce

lastly, a nice groupie ♥
16 of us created a minor traffic jam in front of Kumamono, what a night!

once again thanks Jazz for inviting and Kumamono for having us!

Address: LG-87A, Queensbay Mall Penang 
Opening hours: 11am - 10pm

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