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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Mess Hall is not just an ordinary cafe, it is also a restaurant, art gallery and museum! 
just opened two months ago, Mess Hall located at King Street (previously was The Sire Museum
 Restaurant) offers a wide range of asian and western cuisine, coffee and cakes.

can see camouflage and military stuff everywhere here because 'Mess Hall' is a place where 
soldiers socialise and eat. some military merchandise can be found in Mess Hall too!

♥ this pic cause Jennifer looks so happy

Wild mushroom soup // RM9.90
a lovely starter-creamy and rich mushroom soup which consists three types
of mushroom! can still taste the small bits of mushroom, love it!

Homemade Tortilla // RM15
served with hummus dipping sauce

Authentic tomyam noodle // RM8.90
if you are a tomyam lover you shall try this, only RM8.90 and it is a bowl full of seafood!
but beware, cause it was super spicy! hahaha (too spicy for me)

Royal curry chicken // RM14.90
taste pretty good if you love something spicy. the curry gravy was fiery and flavoursome,
portion was very tummy-filling, served with a soup of the day!

Stew drunken chicken // RM14.90
a chicken drumstick cooked in drunken herbal soup, can be served with rice or noodle!
still boiling hot when it was served, a great choice if you are looking for something soupy.

Seafood al pomodoro // RM15.90
cooked with their homemade tomato sauce and fresh seafood. simple but delectable!

Aglio olio // RM12.90
it was garlicky and peppery, cooked with garlic, chili flakes and olive!
served with a piece of bruschetta with chopped tomatoes and basil leaves. 

Grilled salmon // RM32
nicely grilled salmon! its not over-cook and still can taste the freshness of the salmon, 
served with their homemade lemon butter sauce and grilled veggie. recommended!

and our drinks for the day:

Mix flower tea // RM13

Frappe green tea latte // RM13

Cafe latte // RM10

Frappe vanilla blue sky // RM13

Hazelnut cafe latte // RM11

Caramel macchiato // RM10 

Marble cheese // RM10

Coffee cheese // RM10
love both of the cheesecake very much! not over sweet and the smooth texture of the 
cheesecake was really good, yums!

Mess Hall also offers affordable lunch menu daily priced from RM8.90 with free drink!
worth leh? faster go try and let me know how was it ok! :p

Mess Hall Cafe & Restaurant
Address: 4, Lebuh King, 10200 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 261 0019/018 370 3378
Opening hours: 10.30am - 11pm daily
Facebook: Mess Hall

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