Welcoming 2015@Fig Tree Hill Resort

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


how was your new year eve? i always think that the last day of a year is a weird day. 
i would rather look forward than look back but obviously, this is the best day to look back 
on everything that has happened in the past year and make plans for 2015. 

however, my NYE was pretty good, not working on the last day of 2014 and welcomed 2015 
with a bunch of my favourite person. went to Fig Tree Hill again, last minute so only 2 villas 
left and we go for Lily Villa this time, just right beside the pool! 

the lovely view from our balcony ♥

we were there quite early to set all the decoration and props,
the best part to reach early: we have more time to dip in the pool ♥

and took countless photos in the pool! :p

fatty ♥ 
i asked him to let me take a pic of him jumping LOL he really did!

gary the poser #iseefat
oh yes and thats our villa behind him, so beautiful isn't it?

everybody reached after the sunset, simple drink this year because our senior barman
is in singapore now, nobody makes really nice cocktails this year hahaha BUT!
we still have very nice sangria and enjoyed ourselves very much :D

groupies groupies:

a fun night filled with jokes and laughters, sometimes its not how or where you 
spend the day, its about who you spent it with, right? a simple day can be very 
memorable too ♥ 


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5 dreamers

  1. 哇!有性感照(眼睛发亮一下)

  2. I like ur swimsuit ! U guys really having so much fun, somemore got camouflage dresscode !

  3. Hi, 可以问问你吗? 请问你们是多少个人去这 fig tree hill resort? 价钱多少?


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