Pizzaiola@Lot 33, Prangin Mall

Monday, February 23, 2015

can't remember when was the last time i went to Prangin Mall's basement,
heard so much about Lot 33 and finally i was there! i was really surprised that
the sub-basement (previously was occupied by Giant Supermarket) of the 
mall was beautifully renovated into a five star hotel-like place for food 
and beverage precinct and three multi-purpose convention halls.

Pizzaiola is one of the restaurant at Lot 33, an Italian pizzeria serving
delicious italian food and pizza in a reasonable price, not to mention 
their beautiful ambience, brickwall and dim lighting looks classy, friendly 
atmosphere makes it a comfortable place to have an enjoyable meal!

Pizzaiola- Taste The Difference

Pizzaiola's menu

Chinese new year promotion was quite interesting: abalone pizza for RM188.80 only!
and Pizzaiola is having half-price promotion for each item everyday, the day
we were there was Mongolian King Prawn Pasta for only RM19.90!!!

ok lets see our fatty cheesy meal for the night:

Turkey bacon stuffed potato // RM9.80
one of my favourite appetiser: bacon, potato and cheese always make 
good combination! the potato neutralise the saltiness of the bacon, love it.

Chicken wings // RM9.80

Classic caesar salad // RM10.80
a simple and nice salad which i think...... it is a good appetiser before
having all the cheesy pasta and pizza LOL, don't just eat all the 
cheesy stuff la, eat more veggie too k?  

Cabonara unagi // RM18.80

recommended! i think RM18.80 is really worth for such big piece of unagi,
served with spaghetti and mushroom, all coated in rich and thick creamy sauce! 

Gamberi arrabiata // RM15.80
 sautéed prawn with tomato sauce, fresh basil, chili flakes and garlic.

Mongolian king prawn pasta // RM19.90 (half-priced item for monday)

the pasta was slightly spicy and flavourful, served with two huge 
king prawns, the sauce was very appetising, love it!

BBQ chicken risotto // RM16.80
marinated chicken with BBQ sauce cooked with sautéed shitake and
 button mushroom in creamy risotto.

Baked risotto with unagi // RM20.80
another favourite, also with a big piece of unagi, LOL.
i seldom take risotto because i always think it is too creamy, but for this 
baked risotto it was surprisingly not over creamy, just nice with the baked 
cheese and teriyaki cream sauce!

Pizzaiola pizza // RM48.80

a special made pizza by Pizzaiola which consists four of their signature pizza: 
teriyaki unagi, spicy seafood, beef pepperoni and BBQ chicken.

recommended for large group because it is super bigggg
the pizza base was freshly made daily and it is doubtlessly good,
just nice in the thickness of the base!

look at the cheeeeeeese omg! #guiltypleasure

besides pasta and pizza, Pizzaiola offers a large selection of
 dessert and coffee too! their lava cake was so good:

 Lava cake // RM15.80

Tiramisu // RM8.80
Hot mocha // RM7.90     Hot chocolate // RM6.90

Hot chocolate mint // RM8.90

Hot chocolate mint bear // RM6.40 (half priced item for saturday)

Mango yogurt // RM9.90

Passion lemon booster // RM10.90

Tiramisu lattle // RM9.90     Iced chocolate // RM7.90

and our night ended with laughters and pizza show! :D

Pizzaiola@Lot 33
Address: 33-SB-03 Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 250 5501/012 465 5299
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Facebook: Pizzaiola

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