Ruins of St. Paul's, Macau

Monday, February 09, 2015

gonna blog about our visit to Ruins of St Paul's like finally! its been
ages we were planning this trip (小三八visit大三巴) LOLLOL

Macau is a small but beautiful place, can take nice pictures at every 
corner of the street, love it especially during night time, i can say Macau 
is a city of lights, super pretty! the weather was just nice during our visit,
approximately 15-20 degree celsius, conformable weather for a walk. but we 
were quite unlucky cause we went to Macau during a weekend, everywhere 
was full with massive crowd, we have to queue for so long for a lunch!

ok, so now gonna bomb this post with our pics! an awesome
memory for the three of us 

look at the crowd behind them @@
having problem finding a good spot for photo 

i looked like i did double eyelid stitching in all the pics in this post
but i didn't! i hope i did :( still looking for sponsorship saving $

my eyes were actually swollen during my visit to Macau because too
 much double eyelid sticker.

spent around 3 hours here and we took hundreds of photos!

miss you already Macau! xo

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4 dreamers

  1. tudio....the crowd is sooooo serious....

    1. yes! really very sien to see such crowd @@

  2. pretty pics! made me think of my visit to macau with my family.. and how terrible all the photos were
    it was probably 2010 or 2011. i had neither fashion sense nor photography skill at all
    i just wish i could go back again

    1. thanks! you should! dont you think macau is a very nice place for beautiful pics? :D


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