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Thursday, February 26, 2015

#gshocklovers LOL


how was your holiday? mine was great, never have any chance to get 
hungry at all HAHA. our first 'official' cafe hangout session was on chu4, 
what is good about cny holiday: we have so much free time after finish all
 the bai nian and we have extra $ (before my gambling addiction, yes) after 
taking all the angpaos

hello ♥

Sekeping Victoria is a nice place to chill indeed, dont you think is a very
nice place for photoshoot? and it is unexpectedly cooling in Sekeping!
we love the atmosphere, how they turned an old house into a rustic meets 
jungle kind of cafe by having the little trees under the roof, adding 
some greens in the space and natural sunlight.

for the food and coffee, the menu that they were serving was different
from the usual menu because it was during cny and they did not
offer much food, choices were quite limited during my visit, we basically
had everything from their food menu already:

Aglio olio // RM16

Al-funghi spaghetti // RM16

Bolognese spaghetti // RM16

three of the pasta are good but the best goes to Al-funghi!
and for the coffee and cakes:

Iced latte // RM10.50

Cafe latte // RM10.50

Cappuccino // RM10.50 

Flat white // RM9.50

Ribena lychee ice blended // RM13

Berry yogurt mille crepe // RM13

Black forest // RM13

oh, did i mention that Sekeping Victoria is a guesthouse?
two suites available at the front and back, very very nice!

Sekeping Victoria
Address: 164A-B, Lebuh Victoria, 10300 Penang.
Phone: 017 207 5977
Website: www.sekeping.com
Email: manager@sekeping.com (for booking)

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2 dreamers

  1. i like this place but haven't got a chance go yet T.T

    1. you should go! environment very song~


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