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Saturday, March 21, 2015

if you are a coffee and tomyam lover, De' Corner Kitchen is the best 
place for you to visit because you can find both good coffee and delicious 
tomyam here! of course, not only tomyam, they serve pasta and other 
western food too. De' Corner Kitchen is located at Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 
a corner lot just opposite Chinese Swimming Club Penang (中华游泳公会)
beautifully decorated into a romantic garden dining place with green 
and orange leafs, very relaxing environment and it is quite windy 
because the beach is just walking distance away. 

the tomyam corner
a variety of food for you to add into your tomyam! 

four types of noodles you can pick.
best love bihun soak in the tomyam soup!

the tomyam is served from 7pm daily, prepared freshly by a chef from Thailand, 
bringing the authentic taste of tomyam. it is quite spicy for me but the sourness
 and sweetness is just nice (又爱又恨 LOL) enjoy the zesty blend of the flavour
 also the rich soup! and, the price will be based on the ingredients that you pick.

the drinks menu is quite interesting, we had a few of
their signature beverages and special blend:

De' Corner Classic // RM11.90

Espresso Vanilla // RM13.90

Vanilla crushp // RM13.90  
Lemon & lime ice blended // RM10.90

Chocolate banana // RM13.90
Oreonese // RM13.90

Iced coffee // RM12.90
Blackcurrant // RM9.90

Iced lemon & lime // RM12.90
Strawberry smoothie // RM13.90

Miss Nyonya // RM15
grilled chicken with thai sweet sauce served on a bed of thai salad.
i love the kerabu kind of salad, very appetising!

Corner classic // RM15
grilled chicken with creamy lemongrass sauce, potato wedges and salad.
two thumbs up for the creamy lemongrass sauce, not only creamy and 
tasty, it has a very strong lemongrass scent!

Black pepper jumbo // RM15
deep fried chicken with black pepper sauce, served with mashed potato,
potato wedges and salad. one thing i like about this dish is the mashed
potato, very smooth and buttery, love it!

Mr Bombay // RM15
grilled chicken with special bombay sauce, a nice choice if you want 
something spicy. served with mashed potato, potato wedges and salad.

Aglio olio // RM15
it was quite spicy for me, too much dried chilies? LOL. a pasta that full of
ingredients: chicken, mushroom, onion, ham and veggies! 

The gardener // RM8.90
a very good-looking dessert :p
your choice of ice cream flavour (yam, vanilla, chocolate or peppermint)
comes with a layer of banana and cornflakes.

and lastly, our signature and blog link on the wall of fame LOL!

De' Corner Kitchen
Address: 502J, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang
Phone: 016 406 4896
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 5pm-1.30am Friday-Sunday 12pm-1.30am

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