Places to visit: Hua Hin 1/3 [Family Trip 2014]

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hi! ♥


traveled to Huahin for the first time after i visited Bangkok for so long.........
 Huahin is not far away from Bangkok, only 2/3 hours journey heading South from Bangkok.
if you ask me what is the best way to reach Huahin, i would say by car/van from Bangkok.
Huahin has a super small airport which only allows private jet or royal planes to
land (so no plane for us)... another popular way to Huahin is by train. it takes around
20 hours from Penang to Huahin and around 5 hours from Bangkok to Huahin. 

so for me, (because i wanna save $ LOL)... i took train from Butterworth to
Bangkok (RM110++ 24hours journey) and drop by Bangkok to shop & eat
for 2 nights. after that we rent a van and travel from Bangkok to Huahin,
we have a few stops during the journey to South because most of the attractions
are actually located at the North part of Huahin, so, save time right? we took 2
vans (cause we have 14pax) and stopped by 5 attractions, departed from Bangkok
at 9am and reached our villa at Huahin around 5pm, only for 9000baht!

1st Stop:

Maeklong Railway Market
(Talat Rom Hoop)

super excited to visit this market! you know, watched so much video about this place
but never been there... we reached around 9.45am, the train will leave the station at 10am!
the train will run through this place for 7 times a day, but as for the market it will closed
around noon so have to be really early if you dont wanna missed it. im so glad that
we made it! we were super excited to experience it by ourselves!

it looks very normal, market stalls selling veggies, meat, fruits etc....

5 minutes before the train depart, can see all the sellers started to clear their stalls,
and for us...... finding a nice spot to stand/take pics/take video!


that guy on the right wearing red pants is my cousin LOL
that spot is a very nice place, he took a very nice video!

after the train passed!

the market back to normal again and we left for another attraction.


2nd Stop:

Wat Bang Kung 
(Banyan Tree Temple)

the place which i insisted to visit LOL. nothing much to see, it is a temple in a 
tree but i like it, all the roots surrounding the temple and the place was pretty 
cooling. overall it is worth stopping by because the temple is just located along 
the journey. we walked around, snap some pictures and pray then got 
back to the van for next attraction!


3rd stop:

Khao Wang
(Phra Nakhon Kiri Historical Park)

it was actually a palace of the old kingdom on top of a hill and it has now became 
a museum and historical park which open for the public. the entrance fee is 150baht 
per person, took the cable car to the top after buying the tickets.

baby ash looking very curious with the moving cable car!

up there was pretty windy but the sun was scorching hot that day, the place was really 
big, not sure how people gonna finish walking the entire place, i think i just walked
like 1/3 of the place LOL. very very hot leh....

another tower.
not sure how those people walk there, i cant find the way and i was so tired already.

in the king's chamber


4th stop: 

Swiss Sheep Farm

one of my favourite place in huahin! a very scenic field beside a small hill,
so beautiful and that evening we went was really really windy (like its going
to rain but luckily it did not!) we bought our entrance ticket for 120baht
per person which include a sheep feeding ticket.

ticket price: 120baht for adult // 80baht for child

mommy ♥
she loves this place too! keep asking me to snap her photos :p

hello mr. sheep! 

we also went for a pony ride! 
my last pony ride was 15 years ago i guess?


we checked in our villa after Swiss Sheep Farm. it was around 30mins 
journey away from Swiss Sheep Farm and it is located at the town area. our 
van rental stopped here and we took tuk-tuk for the entire night. tuk-tuk in 
Huahin is quite expensive if compare with Bangkok, it is at least 150baht for 
a ride (maximun 6pax per tuk-tuk) because Huahin is just a small place, 
the journey between places that we wanna go is actually quite near. 
and another thing is: Huahin has no cab! LOL


4th stop: 

Chao Lay Seafood

we took a rest and went for dinner at Chao Lay Seafood. it is located 
along the beach which is a tourist spot because you can find a lot of
 seafood restaurants here. it was around 5 minutes tuk-tuk ride from our villa,
the owner of the villa helped us to call and reserve a table. BUT, we still
waited for like 30mins for our table to be ready, very very huge crowd here.

very nice place right can enjoy the ultimate sea view!
i must say the meal is very satisfying, Chao Lay Seafood is 
definitely one of the must visit place in Huahin! a must eat! 
serving very nice tomyam and fresh seafood in a reasonable
price (not very cheap but reasonable in Huahin)


5th stop:

Huahin Night Market

Huahin has two main night market and this is the one that located
at the town. it is also around 5 minutes tuk-tuk ride from our villa,
not much to shop cause it is quite pricey, we had a 30mins walk 
here and bought some snacks and beers then went back to our villa 
and chill by our private pool - our own way to end the beautiful night!


update soon:
[Family Trip 2014] Places to visit: Hua Hin 2/3
[Family Trip 2014] Places to visit: Hua Hin 3/3

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