Hong Kong Flower Show 2014

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

not planning to blog about this until i recall back and found all the 
photos of beautiful flowers which i took during my little getaway to
 Hong Kong last year. visited hk during spring, and we were so fortunate
to join their Flower Show 2014 that were held at Victoria Park.

i can say it was a bonus to our trip, cause we did not plan any
sight-seeing in hk, we just wanna eat, shop and sleep LOL. what
 happened was, the Flower Show was just a few street away from 
our hotel! we were staying at Butterfly on Victoria, it is a boutique 
hotel located at Causeway Bay (铜锣湾), which is one of my favourite 
district in hk, with a reasonable price and beautiful room! its so hard to 
get cheap and spacious room in hk leh.

not bad right?

we were there after check in because it was the last day of the show
already, the sky is getting darker and cooler, i remember that we were
super hungry hahaha. yaying joined us after work, right in time to catch
the flower show together!

hello flower girl ♥

this show was held by the leisure and cultural services department 
and it is an annual event. the theme for 2014 was 'blossoms of joy'.
it was a little similar with our flower show in penang, but the variety
of flowers was so much more! another thing was the cooling
weather, definitely better than penang, seeing all the flowers
under the hot sun *melted*

aren't they beautiful? i have never capture so much flowers in my life 
before and by using only my chan chan camera. the only sad thing was
i was too tired, no in the mood to selfie with all the flowers :p

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