Love Bites Fusion Cuisine

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine— located at Nagore Road, is a small and
quiet shop that will surprise and tingle your taste buds. the simple exterior
of the shop might not be very eye-catchy but the environment of the dinning
area is snuggly warm and cozy, not forget to mention it is well-decorated
into a romantic place with chandelier, purple cushions, angels and lavender.

their plates and bowls are all in heart-shape too!
so dreamy 

our meal started with three signature yogurt ice blended:

Honey dew yogurt // RM10.80

Mint yogurt // RM10.80

Orange yogurt // RM10.80
my favourite goes to mint yogurt! mint lover please try it k,
milky yogurt blended with fresh mint to create a very strong minty 
flavour. orange and honey dew are both good too if you love fruity 
kind of yogurt blend, they are blended with real fruits!

Love Bites also offers all-day-breakfast and brunch, some are quite 
interesting such as Dino Eggs, Morning Kitty, Waffle in love 
and etc (you can go and try it out yourself! :p) here are some
of the dishes that we had:

English muffin // RM15.80
a sunny side up and homemade meat ball served with a fluffy english muffin,
ham and cheese! this dish is completed with baked potatoes and salad.

De ultimate sunrise crepe // RM21.80
one of my favourite dish. the base is not crispy, it is a crepe-like base
which is soft and a little crisp on the edge of the crepe, the flavour 
was awesome, cheese and creamy, two thumbs up!

De ultimate baked omelette // RM18.80 
soft and fluffy baked egg with ham, mushroom, olive, bacon and cheese,
simple and nice. served with garlic bread and salad.

Sea fusion danish crunch pizza // RM28.80
another delicious and creative dish! i love the danish kind of pizza
base, very special and it added a little more texture to the pizza,
topped with rockets, cheese, ebiko, olive and honey balsamic vinegar
dressing, a mixture of sweet and salty!

and the main dish of the day, also the signature of Love Bites,
first and only in Penang:


Ribs cheese pool // RM68(small) RM128(large)

cheesy cheesy so cheesyyyyyyy!
the pork rib was served in a pool of cheese in a hot pot with some 
broccoli, cauliflowers and sweet corn. every set of small cheese pool will
comes with three side dishes and five side dishes for a large cheese pool.
gloves are given and we are encouraged to tear the ribs by our hands,
dipped it and eat it! it was a little hot but it was really fun hahaha.

the combination of the ribs + cheese is heavenly good! it really 
worth trying and i will definitely go back to Love Bites for the ribs 
and cheese! the cheese was so creamy and cheesy but it is not 
greasy at all! three kind of cheese are used in the cheese pool to
create the special taste, and no matter how long it being boiled in the
pool, it will not become over chewy or oily. and guess what, for the
rest of the cheese, you can stir it with rice! IT TASTES SO GOOD!!!!
the rice was fully soaked with the cheese and it became a little 
risotto-like, very very yummy! 

and for cheese lovers, you can always request for more cheese
when you order the cheese pool, so that you can have more cheese
for the cheese rice!

Seafood lava pool // RM88(small) RM158(large)
a variety of seafood served in a red tempting base, the soup base is actually
something like Russian Borsch(罗宋汤), very appetising and i think it really
goes well with all the seafood, perfect match! this small seafood lava pool consists 
prawn, crab, fish, scallop and also abalone, also comes with sweet corn, cauliflower
and broccoli. can taste the tomato soup base has a little carrot and potato cubes,
i swallowed alot of the garlic bread that i dipped it in the lava! so delicious!!

last but not least, the dessert is non other than their signature
love toast, we had two different flavours that night: Choco & Strawberry!
personally love strawberry better, it has panna cotta in the toast,
adding a little more layer and texture to the love toast, nice!

Choco pyramid toast // RM18.80

Strawberry pyramid toast // RM18.80
ending this post with this beautiful photo that Jazz took,
blogger-blogger of the night:

Laygin, Enqvist, Trista, Jazz, Hui Hui, yours truly and Henry

Love Bites Fusion Cuisine
Address: 11, Nagore Road, 10050 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 228 6188
Opening hours: 9am-3pm, 6pm-11pm (closed on Tuesday)
Facebook: Love Bites

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