A memorable dinner@Restaurante Platao 九如坊

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

a day before my birthday and im blogging about my birthday celebration a
year ago, with my two lovely darlings, in Macau. its not the actual date but
a week before my birthday, we went to a Portuguese restaurant which is quite
 well-known in Macau - Restaurante Platão (九如坊).

it was my first time having Portuguese cuisine and we actually took a while
to decide which restaurant to go because there are a lot of Portuguese restaurant in
Macau. at last we pick one of the best comment and nearest! was quite troublesome
looking for this place, because it is located in a small alley, no signboard no
directional sign at all, we found the place at last by asking a few locals.

we took the al fresco area instead of the indoor. indoor was much more
warmer but we would love to enjoy the cooling weather out there, not
much chance to dine outdoor without sweating in penang, right? :p

ordered a bottle of wine to celebrate that we have finally successful to 
spend some girls' time overseas + my birthday! 

cheerssssssss babes! ♥

and for the food, i dont remember the name and the price already,
but they were palatably yummy and satisfying! 

roasted chicken something something.......

cheese-baked seafood something something...........

my birthday cake!

never expect to have a cake with a candle here, cause what they told 
me was just a meal and thats all. so im so surprised..... why you girls 
suddenly so wu sim (有心).... although its a small cake but 我很感动叻
AND, it is the Portuguese famous dessert - Serradura (木糠蛋糕) 
so yummy i wanna eat it again!

thanks k ♥ i know you girls always not around, busy and we can only see 
each other few times a year, but our friendship still keep on growing and growing....

lastly, our shoes that we bought together at Guangzhou LOL


* just find out that this restaurant is temporarily closed to public
due to maintenance and restructure work.*

Restaurante Platao 九如坊
Address: G/FL./ 3 Travessa Sao Domingos, Macau.
Phone: +853 2833 1818 
Website: www.plataomacau.com

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