Georgetown Wines: My Birthday!

Friday, April 03, 2015

hi! ♥
i know march is over but i really need to blog something about my birthday, 
hehehe. had a simple dinner celebration at Georgetown Wines for both aries 
baby (ah eng and i) with some good friends, not everyone can make it that night 
but its ok, i really know you guys wu sim k? *hugs* can see me and eng are both 
very happy that night: good food, great atmosphere, awesome companies........
and of course, presents! hahaha (eng i really envy you k, i love your present!)

and i really love my cake! thanks bibi for ordering ♥

groupie groupie

happy ah eng with his 女神 ♥

姐姐, i really love you ♥ although you always make fun of me and bully me,
and sometimes 抛弃 me, but its ok i dont mind as long as 你幸福.
thanks for all the effort you've made to make me so happy.

my two favourite person: gary and zec
i really wish both of you all the best in your acting career,
要知道演艺圈是很复杂的!but anyway, if anything bad happens, 
please remember that i will always be a good listener ♥

and the most huggable person in the world! ♥
thanks for always giving me the best you could give, loving me, 
protect me and feeding me so fat all the time! #likeapetpig

picking my birthday wine ♥

we had 4 bottles of wine that night, one thing i like about Georgetown Wine is,
they did not have any wine list but you have to go to there wine cellar to pick 
your wine. and of course, they will have someone to know your needs and 
give suggestions! so fun to see all the design of the bottles and also....... 

can take beautiful pictures in the wine cellar:

nice tak?

here's one of my favourite wine is the rose wine that i picked:

Gerard bertrand cote des roses  // RM170
girls will definitely love this wine, with a light scent of rose
and im picking it mainly because of the beautiful bottle:

with a rose at the bottom of the bottle! so dreamy ♥

last but not least, their food is so good!
i did not snap all the food that we had that night LOL too busy cant help.
but i cannot skip the food in this post because......... 

food is the thing that making this blog so interesting... right? #sadthing

actually, this was my second visit to Georgetown Wines and i keep going 
back is because of this super delicious GRILLED BLACK ANGUS PRIME RIB.

Grilled black prime angus rib (for two) // RM128

served with asparagus, potatoes and their special sauce!
we had it medium raw and every bite it tastes like heaven! so juicy and tender
FAVOURITE! i wanna bring more friends there for this

King prawn aglio olio // RM34

Aglio olio // RM24

Beef ragout linguine // RM38

Balsamic mushroom // RM20

Clams in white wine and garlic //RM24

Coconut and lime ceviche // RM26

Spiced dry caramel panna cotta // RM16
everything is good and the portion of the pastas are really BIG
love the clams in wine and garlic, simply mouthwatering!

Georgetown Wines
Address: 19-19A, Lebuh Leith, 10200 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 262 1011
Opening hours: 5pm - 1am daily
Facebook: Georgetown Wines

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4 dreamers

  1. Happy belated birthday sweet pie !!! It’s apparent that you have been blessed with many things on your birthday. Have a wonderful year ya !

  2. happy belated to Jinni!!!
    Clams in white wine and garlic is always my favourite even I don't really consume alcohol :)

  3. Happ Belated Birthday! sweet sweet yo~
    wish you happy,healthy & pretty always ya!


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