Themed buffet dinner@Wembley Cafe, St. Giles Wembley

Thursday, April 16, 2015

One of the latest hotel in town - St. Giles Wembley, has become one of the
hottest topic in Penang for its Special Opening Promotion! this brand new hotel
is strategically located in the heart of Georgetown, St. Giles Wembley has three dine
and drink outlet in the hotel itself: Lobby Lounge, Brasserie (opening soon) and
Wembley Cafe that offers a wide selection of mouth-watering food, buffet breakfast
 and rotational themed-buffet dinner in a relaxing and contemporary ambience.

Wembley Cafe is located at Level 2 of the hotel, an all-day dinning restaurant 
with a buffet display and a-la-carte menu. not only provide high quality food,
it is also in an affordable price! the interior of Wembley Cafe is quite simple, 
but it is clean, spacious and comfortable, i am sure it is a nice place to enjoy 
a splendid dining experience.

Wembley Cafe serves up too 100 dishes everyday for their buffet dinner!
some of the side dishes, appetisers and desserts will remain the same,
for the main dishes it will changed everyday according to the theme.
the day i went was thursday: Japanese Inspired International Buffet 
which i believe it is one of the most popular buffet theme! i usually 
love Japanese buffet for its sashimi, but dont worry because here in
Wembley Cafe, sashimi is available daily! so good right!!!

here are the main courses:
(only snap some of my favourite ya, too many liao)

Grilled cod fish in miso sauce
soft and well marinated cod fish, very very yummy! served with soba and sprinkled 
with ebikko, spring onion and sesame.

Sea eel teriyaki
my favourite unagi!!! had a few pieces of this, hehehe. 
served with rice and seaweed.

Fresh green mussels with ginger and spring onions

Beef rolled with asparagus and enoki
i love this beef rolled asparagus and enoki, sounds less meaty and less
greasy right? it tasted good but i thought the beef was a bit thick, quite 
hard to bite LOL.

Stir-fried prawns vietnamese style

Chicken truffle cream with teriyaki sauce

Beef steak with sauteed edamame and wasabi mustard dressing

Japanese vegetable potato stew

Quails with orange soy glaze and udon noodle

Grilled miso lamb ribs

some of the side dishes, finger food, appetiser and dessert:

Fried calamari // Money bag // Assorted tempura

Beef and chicken satay

Japanese pizza // Grilled saba mackerel with salt // Baked oyster // Grilled corn and shitake mushroom // Seafood korokke


Salad in cups

Seafood soup

Seafood on ice: Yabbies, snow crab leg, oyster, mussel, scallop with roe, flower crab, tiger prawn
seafood lovers please come here to enjoy your seafood feast!!!! its available 
daily for every themed-buffet! 

look at the king crab leg:

your choice of tabasco, lemon, spicy cocktail sauce and shallot dressing.

Sashimi: Maguro, salmon, butter fish, octopus

had my uncountable salmon sashimi, very fresh!

Nigiri and rolled sushi
they are served with kikkoman, wasabi and pickles radish.
california hand roll, miso soup and cold soba are available too!

Nigiri and rolled sushi

Chuka Idako
saw this baby octopus and immediately thought of my bf, his favourite dish!
need to bring him to try this buffet asap :p 

Chuka kurage
japanese stlyle jelly fish salad! the onion, carrot and cucumber makes it tasted
even nicer! 

Vietnam spring roll

Seaweed roll

Make your own salad
salad corner that has a lot of choices! from chicken pea, carrot, capsicum,
mushroom, mix leaves.................. to pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, toasted walnut,
dried cranberry and fruit pickles!

Make your own salad
salad dressing: thousand island, lemon herb vinaigrette, mango citrus dressing,
caesar dressing and sesame soy dressing.

another corner of the buffet line, chicken rice and dimsum!!!
steamed and roasted chicken. roasted duck, chicken char siew of your choice

dessertssssssssssss that cannot be missed:

Chocolate fountain

Jelly in cup, chocolate cake, red velvet cake

Mango pudding, mousse cake, creme bluree 
presentation super pretty!

Chocolate mud cake

Baked cheesecake

Mango with glutinous rice

Assorted ice cream

Make your own-ice kacang & cendol
ok, feasting moment:

SEAFOOD and a glass of white wine!

Special Promotion

Dine in from now till 31st May and you will get a voucher for another visit for free!
*which means it only RM45nett for a buffet dinner like this!*

super worthy right? but i heard that Japanese Inspired Buffet is fully booked
until end of May already but no worries! if you are aiming for the sashimi and 
seafood, they are available on every buffet dinner daily! so pick up your
phone, call and make your reservation now!

Buffet Theme

Monday: Spices & Herbs Penang Buffet
Tuesday: Mediterranean Buffet
Wednesday: Thai Buffet
Thursday: Japanese Inspired International Buffet
Friday: Italian Buffet
Saturday: Seafood Buffet
Sunday: Oriental Weekend Buffet


Buffet Lunch (Mon-Fri 12noon-2.30pm)
Adult RM63nett   l   Child RM32nett   l   Senior Citizen RM48nett

Hi-Tea Buffet (Weekends 12noon-3.30pm)
Adult RM68nett   l   Child RM34nett   l   Senior Citizen RM48nett

Buffet Dinner (Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm)
Adult RM90nett   l   Child RM45nett   l   Senior Citizen RM63nett

Buffet Dinner (Weekends 7pm-10pm)
Adult RM95nett   l   Child RM48nett   l   Senior Citizen RM66nett

Supper Buffet (Fri & Sat 11pm-2am)
Adult RM30nett   l   Child RM15nett

St Giles Wembley
Address: 183, Jalan Magazine, 10300 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 04 259 8000

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