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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

its been two years since the last time i visited AHMO, re-visit this place last
week and their food is still as good as before! the menu is slightly changed,
some new choices has been added into the menu and they are no longer
serving pork now, AHMO is now a pork-free restaurant!

clean and comfortable environment, the restaurant is spacious and modern – 
a family-friendly place for sure! not forget to mention the mural is designed 
and painted by a local artist, very artsy kind of way to present the 
ingredients behind all yummy food!

AHMO special blend // RM12 each

i had Red Mary! couldn't resist the beautiful colour and it is very refreshing.
AHMO offers 7 different special healthy blend:
Belly berry - apple + strawberry
Strawberry sunrise - orange + strawberry
Mango lounge - mango + pineapple + mint
Apple beet - apple + beetroot + celery
Famous 3 - banana + mango + pineapple
Red mary - watermelon + dragon fruit + grape
Ahmo blast - apple + banana +grape + orange + pineapple

Shitake mushroom soup // RM6
mushroom soup is always a great starter! other than mushroom soup you can
go for Hungarian Chicken Goulash Soup or ask for the soup of the day!

Escargots a la Bourguignonne // RM25
one of the signature appetiser in AHMO. my first time having
escargots without the shells LOL, but........ i really love the process of
picking it out from the shells hehehe. it was cooked with mushroom and
served with two pieces of garlic bread, sweet and garlicky!

AHMO lobster thermidor // RM138
it looks awesome!!! sadly i do not take lobster so........
but i can see the melted cheese on top of the lobster, super tempting right?

Soft shell crab spaghetti // RM25
i love the pasta, it was perfectly cooked! served with a two big pieces of
crispy soft shell crab.

Foie gras burger // RM28
first time trying this foie gras burger, priced at RM28, consider as ok right?
the only sad thing was, i couldn't really taste the foie gras because there was
too many layers of texture had in this burger... egg, chicken and veggie,
i hope i can bite the foie gras itself *grins* this awesome burger is served
with french fries and salad! oh, and i must mention the salad dressing, it is
their homemade dressing and it was really really good!

Chicken pot pie // RM20
pot pie is always a good choice if you are not too hungry but you
wanted to have something to eat (i think!). love the buttery pastry
and the creamy chicken soup, always a perfect combination!

Prawn olio olio spaghetti // RM18
a zesty and toothsome spaghetti with prawns! slightly spicy but not overpowering,
still can taste the natural sweetness of the prawns.

Fish capers beurre blanc // RM18
another favourite of mine, the softness of the fish goes really well with the sauce, 
creamy and buttery..... and i think i tasted a little bit of lemon! yumss

Rib eye cafe de paris // RM38
we had two dishes with steak that day, both were super good, 
juicy and tender! same goes to the lamb! red meat lover can try 
their combo - steak and lamb for only RM35!

Steak and lamb // RM35

Lamb shank // RM36
another must-try for lamb lover! the lamb itself was soft and well-marinated!

Lasagna al forno // RM20
straight away thought of my boyfriend when i saw this because it is his
all-time-favourite dish! lasagna is always very tummy-filling, AHMO's
lasagna is slightly different from the outlook because its cheese-baked 
covered with a thick layer of cheese.

Grilled salmon // RM29
love this grilled salmon with orange, quite surprised it was served
with orange and it turned out very appetising, sweet and fruity, 
girls will never say no to this!

Apricot chicken // RM19
we had apricot chicken and schnitzel chicken, both tasted very differently!
i prefer apricot over schnitzel, it was sweeter and much more subtle in flavour.

Chicken schnitzel // RM15

Crepes suzette // RM13
it comes with a piece of crepe and a scoop of orange ice cream!
it might looks very sweet from the picture but it's not, it was equally 
sweet and sour, perfectly paired with the ice cream!
and and, very happy because i had two, thanks to Trista! hehehe

Address: 2, Jalan Irrawaddy, 10050, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 2299 223
Opening hours: 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm (closed on sunday)
Facebook: AHMO

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2 dreamers

  1. The soft shell crab spag attracted me the most, how could you resist that hahah.
    And surprisingly, the price quite acceptable also!

    AHMO really got angmo feel wor~ nice post XD!

  2. The ahmo special blend is so colourful and catchy
    Im surprised tat they do serve escargot too. Love your post!!


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