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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

a random working day ♥

three of us love trying new places for lunch, especially new cafes in town.
although it is pricey abit in cafe if compared to kopitiam but sometimes,
 we really need to have something fresh that make us happy during working 
days #fact. yesterday's lunch was in a rush, only spent like 45mins in this 
nice new place at Love Lane. we really need a longer lunch break sometimes.

spotted this two cute mural in the cafe!

Jeeves' menu

my lunch buddies: Jing chew and my beautiful interior lady Xinee!

Hot mocha // RM9.90

Cabonara pasta // RM19.90

looks good and tastes good! very very creamy and flavourful with a generous
portion of bacons~

Mushroom aglio olio // RM15.90

this is super good! aglio olio with a very strong pesto flavour.
cooked with mushroom and fresh basil leaves.

Jeevee's big breakfast // RM23.90
big breakfast comes with your choice of english breakfast tea or long black!
very big portion with pork bacons, baked beans, sausage, mushroom, bread,
fresh veggies and fluffy scrambled egg! sausage and bacons are very good!!!!

Oreo cheesecake // RM11.90

Jeeves Cafe
Address: 71 Love Lane, 10200, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 251 9120
Opening hours: 10am-7pm (kitchen closes on 4.30pm) Closed on monday
Facebook: Jeeves

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10 dreamers

  1. their big breakfast is so tempting!! =p

  2. wa macam outdated, can't catch up so many new cafe in Penang.

    1. me too k.... no time and no $ for all! hahahaha

  3. big breakfast look delicious ...

    1. yes it is! and its very big portion!

  4. macam yesss
    going to try d big breakfast!!!


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