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Monday, May 04, 2015

Queens Hall opens in Queensbay Mall!

the most beautiful food court that i've ever been to - Queens Hall, just opened few 
weeks ago, is designed as a melting pot to welcome all food lovers with the perfect
environment for all day dinning with a nostalgic touch of Georgetown's heritage.
Queens Hall is located on the third floor at the Central zone of Queensbay Mall, 
opens daily from 10.30am to 10.30pm, offers a wide range of Penang local food.

Food trail of Queens Hall

i love the concept of Queens Hall which separated into eight rooms that features the 
elements of Georgetown: room of bricks, room of signage, room of garden, room of 
medicine box, room of containers, room of roof, room of windows and room of tiles.
the meticulous details of the concept are applied very well in Queens Hall, other than
having a delicious meal in Queens Hall, i enjoyed the atmosphere very much too!

Room of signage

Room of garden

Room of garden

Room of containers 
and for the food, you can find most of the local Penang food here: the famous
Penang road teow chew chendul, char koay teow, hokkien mee, chicken rice, 
duck rice, wanton mee, ramly burger, kaya butter toast with half boiled eggs,
famous Mak Ee puffs and pies, traditional dessert and juices and MORE!

went to try the food at Queens Hall with Dora and mum, we were super happy 
to have our favourite chendul here hehehe!

Original teow chew chendol // RM3.90

Chendol with ice cream // RM4.90
a scoop of ice cream added for a creamier taste!

Grilled trio platter // RM29.90
grilled trio platter from the western corner that have a lot of choices from chicken 
chop, fish and chip to mixed grill. we had this trio platter that has chicken,
beef and lamb, served with chicken sausage, veggie and mashed potato!

Thai basil chicken with egg // RM10.90

i would recommend all the Thai food lovers to try out the Thai food in
Queens Hall, is it the famous Sukothai that serves very yummy Thai beef
noodles! we had their thai basil chicken rice, big portion with only
RM10.90, very tummy filling!

Char koay teow with duck egg // RM7.90
added RM1 to have duck egg! the portion was surprisingly big and
it tasted good! first time having char koay teow in such beautiful environment LOL

Yong tao hu // RM6.90
took some fish balls and hot dogs with noodle soup for RM6.90,
consider as cheap right? the soup based is nice and it has a variety of
selections, tomyam lovers can opt for tomyam soup base!

Mixed seafood grill // RM29.90

another stall that i would recommend is this Portuguese grill. a lot of choices like
fish, chicken etc you can pick to grill. my mom ordered this mixed seafood and
she did not managed to finish it by herself because it was super big portion!
recommend for sharing if you wanna have this too!

Chili pan mee // RM6.90
their chilli flakes is a must try! i had their soup pan mee which has a runny egg 
yolk so yummy! wanted to try their signature dry chilli pan mee next time!

Chicken pot pie // RM11.90
Mak Ee's pie is always so good!!! the puff is crisp, buttery and the chicken
soup is very creamy, two thumbs up for this!

Soursop and dragon fruit // RM8.90

爱玉冰 // RM4

仙草汤圆 // RM4.50

we also had some dessert from Dessert House at the end of the day. Dessert House offers
traditional dessert that are served fresh daily! you can find pan-fried radish cakes here too!

Queens Hall
Address: Level 3, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah 11900 Penang.
Opening hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm daily
Facebook: Queensbay Mall

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