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Friday, June 26, 2015

a good news to share with all korean food lovers! ♥
another new korean restaurant is up! Ssam Bap Korean Restaurant located at
Krystal Point (near Bayan Lepas roundabout) and i was really so excited for it, 
because it is only 5mins walking distance from my house (but seriously im not 
gonna walk :p) went to try it out yesterday afternoon, was there for the BBQ 
and free steam egg, maybe it is not that exciting for you but i am a big fan of 
eggs, imagine refillable eggs........... i couldn't say no hehehe.

lunch deal! only available on weekdays
bbbq+side dish+rice+soup+drink for only RM19.90

8 banchan and a salad was served after we placed our order.

Ssam Bap's menu

Ssam Bap's menu
quite a wide selections for ala carte! there are more pages actually
2 minimum orders for BBQ, price range from RM25-RM30, we had
grill pork belly and spicy pork belly!

i really love the egg on the grill, so convenient and it can keep the egg warm, 
also keep the grill pan colourful LOL.

Pork belly // RM25

Spicy pork belly // RM28

a basket of greens. i super love they serve basil(九层塔) along!

Stir fried octopus with rice // RM18

boyfriend wanted to order stir fried octopus but it is RM35/dish, 
so we opt for this, the portion is smaller and it comes with steam
 rice. the octopus was so good!

Kimchi jjigae // RM18
personally i love their kimchi jjigae, somehow not so spicy and clearer,
less oily compared with others.

a over-satisfied meal for two. tummy almost burst!

oh ya, and the environment......
still very new and clean, seats quite limited, only 10+ tables!

Ssam Bap Korean Restaurant
Address: 1-1-24, Kristal Point Corporate Park, 11700 Bayan Lepas, Penang 
Opening hours: 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm daily

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