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Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello June! ♥
time passes so fast i cant believe its half a year already! during the month 
of June, Main Street Cafe will be having a special promotion for all the buffet
dinner diners, you will get a complimentary supper buffet dinner voucher!
the main thing is, the price of the buffet dinner is very reasonable! Main Street
Cafe is a 24hours restaurant in Cititel Penang, located strategically at upper
Penang Road, one of the most happening and busiest street in Penang.

Weekend Buffet Dinner
Japanese & Italian buffet (every Friday)
Japanese & Western buffet (every Saturday)
Japanese & Thai buffet (every Sunday)
7.00pm - 10.00pm
RM79 nett for adult
RM40 nett for child below 12 years old
RM52 nett for senior citizen

Porridge Buffet Supper
Friday & Saturday
10.30pm - 2.00am
RM22 nett per pax

every adult that dine in for weekend buffet dinner will get a buffet supper 
voucher for FREE from 1st June - 30th June 2015! faster make your reservation!!!
*the supper buffet voucher will valid for two months!*

the last time i went to have a dinner buffet at Main Street Cafe was
three years ago, couldn't really remember much about the food but

i remember it was quite worthy for the price that we paid and the 
food we had was ok! revisit Main Street few weeks ago, the place is 
still as good as before, no fancy decorations but it is spacious and
comfortable, definitely a nice place to spend time with family/friends!

the theme for the night that we visited was Japanese & Italian, 
nice right can have sashimi and pasta at the same time! the buffet
dinner offers a wide range of main dishes, salad and appetisers,
seafood-on-ice such as scallops, mussels, oysters etc..... sashimi and
tempura, pastas, dessert and beverages! 

Assorted antipesto and pickles

Prawn cocktail salad

Cucumber salad

Pasta salad

Creamy japanese potato salad

Japanese spinach salad with sesame dressing

Chicken kerabu

Make your own salad bar

my first reaction was 'whaooooo...............' eyes cant stop staring at the huge piece 
of salmon and then start imagining myself biting the whole big piece of salmon LOL


Seafood on ice: prawns // mussels // scallops // oysters

see all the freshness on Henry's plate!!
seafood and sashimi feast begins LOL normally you wont see any 
seafood on my plate but very happy because baby was there with 
me so he can eat all the seafood that i took!

Assorted sushi
unagi sushi and ebikko spotted! good thing about the sushi here,
they are quite small so that we can have more!


Assorted Tempura

i love their tempura! freshly deep fried and refilling all the time
so that we can have the crispy crispy kind of tempura! shishamo
also available too!


Bread rolls and platter

Japanese gyoza with ginger
the Japanese gyoza was surprisingly good! 

Roasted beef tenderloin with blue cheese dressing
one of my favourite dish in Main Street, the sliced beef was perfectly cooked,
soft, juicy and topped with blue cheese dressing.... yumssss!

Lamb stew with olives and roasted peppers

Grilled salmon teriyaki

Chicken and mushroom pot pie
love this too! seldom see pot pies in a buffet right? so i had two of it hehehe...
not the best pot pie that i had but it is definitely a satisfying one! 

Baked polenta with ratatouille

Yaki Udon
it has yaki udon and fried rice for the night. both were good, especially this 
stir fried udon!

Minestrone soup
two soups available for the night, my favourite goes to minestrone soup!
miso soup with salmon head is good too, so many ingredients in the 
soup and my dad would be very happy for this, he loves salmon head!

Miso soup with salmon head

Action and craving corner

i did not order any of the pasta here, because my tummy was about to burst LOL
only tried a little from Jazz:

Aglio olio

ok and here comes the dessert, one of the most important part in a buffet(i think)
that can never be skipped:

Glutinous ball in red bean soup 
their glutinous balls are super duper good! super soft and it is filled with
black sesame, red bean soup is good too, not too sugary.

Mini pancake

Chocolate brownie
another favourite is chocolate brownie, very very chocolatey and creamy!

Strawberry pie

Green tea cheesecake

Coconut pie


cute little japanese style dumpling filled with red bean paste, couldn't have 
much because it's quite sweet.

Ice cream
9 different flavours of ice cream and a wide range of toppings!

Ice kacang
this was Enqvist's special style of ice kacang, you can pick your own ingredients!

Coffee machine

Iced green tea // Nutmeg with sour plum
instead of just having sky juice, Main Street Cafe offers iced green tea and nutmeg juice!
the nutmeg juice is good, sour plum added!

last but not least, a pic of us! hahahaha
 because it was the first time i tag along mr evolution to a food review.
and after this he said '难怪你会酱肥!' :'(

Main Street Cafe@Cititel Penang
Address: 66, Jalan Penang, 10000, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 291 1128
Facebook: Cititel Penang

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