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Monday, June 08, 2015

went to Taiwan Bull again for their new menu! i can say Taiwan Bull is one of 
the restaurant in Penang that serves authentic taiwanese food, sometime it can
at least fix our craves, although i am not a huge fan of taiwan, but somehow i 
really miss all the food in taiwan, some were really really good and i really miss it!

my review on Taiwan Bull two years ago: here. very happy that they are
launching their new menu, bringing a lot more choices and taste better!

Sour Plum Juice 古早味酸梅汤 // RM6.90
the authentic taiwan's sour plum juice! both iced and warm were good

Chilled cucumber 凉拌小黄瓜 // RM6
a great starter! crunchy chilled cucumber with chilli oil,
served with their special sesame sauce.

Bok choy 烫青江菜 // RM6/RM8
another green dish if you are opting for a healthier choice!

Spicy oil chinese dumpling 红油抄手 // RM7.90
the dumpling comes with a very generous filling! chilli oil and vinegar are two
of the main seasoning for this dish, they are served separately so that you can
add it on your favour.

Nan ru fermented bean chicken 豆乳鸡 // RM8.90
one of my favourite hehehe. the chicken was super crispy and well-marinated!
it was my first time having this and i fell in love after my first bite~

Tomato beef noodle 茄汁牛肉面 // RM18.50
attention beef noodle fans! you wouldn't want to miss this!
the beef was so soft and i can feel the cook put so much effort on it (im serious!)
the soup is tomato based and it might looks spicy but it is not, it is thick and 
flavourful, really enjoy having this beef noodle!

Braised roasted pork rib rice 卤排骨饭 // RM17.50
braised pork is always my first choice! preparing a braised pork is not easy 
and it really needs experience and effort. Taiwan Bull's braised pork rib rice is
one of the best that i had in Penang, it was nicely cooked and delectable,
definitely will go back for it!

Fried pork rib rice 炸排骨饭 // RM17.50
it was quite similar to braised pork rib, just that the method of cooking is different.
served with rice, egg and their awesome pickles!

'Jia Yi' chicken rice 嘉义鸡肉饭 // RM14.50
first time having this dish too! a 'Jia Yi' style of chicken rice,
taste good and very tummy filling!

Three cup chicken rice 三杯鸡饭 // RM17.50
the chicken filled with the scent of basil leaves and garlic. the taste is more to
sweetness, feeling so good when i had it with rice, simple dish but i love it!

Honey roasted chicken thigh rice 蜜汁鸡腿饭 // RM17.50
a good choice if you are more to chicken than pork! the skin of the
chicken drumstick was coated with a sweet sweet layer of honey and sprinkled
with white sesame~ yummm

'Sha Cha' beef fried noodle 沙茶牛肉炒面 // RM18.50
fried noodle with 'sha cha' sauce served with pieces of beef,
simple and delicious!

Crispy fish fillet rice 炸鱼排饭 // RM17.50
deep fried fish fillet which is so crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside!
served with mayo and veggie, the only thing is i thought it was a little dry for me.

Kids' happy meal 儿童套餐 // RM14.90
kids' happy meal for happy kids! four columns here and kids can picked
their own food and play mix and match, only RM14.90 to make a kid happy and full! :D

Mango frozie 芒果冰 // RM8.50
dessert is my long awaited part! because i really love all the desserts here hehehe.
mango frozie full of mango cubes and mango ice cream, love it!!!!

Ai Yu jelly frozie 鲜果爱玉冰 // RM7.50
another famous taiwanese dessert 'ai yu bing'! with mango, watermelon and 
honey dew. love the lemon juice it was so refreshing!

Taiwan Bull
Address: 3F-8, Queensbay Mall
Phone: 04 644 0090
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm everyday
Facebook: Taiwan Bull

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