The Front Door

Thursday, July 09, 2015

visited The Front Door during our previous road trip to KL. their open toast
looks super yummy on instagram and we really think we should pay a visit LOL.
 The Front Door is located at Jalan Sultan, only a street away from Petaling Street.
this hidden cafe is sharing the same door with a Grocers' Inn, black walls and a
bright gold fascia with '杂货行' written on it.

i really love the place once i walked in, nothing fancy but for its vintage 
and spacious environment... they still remain the old structure, rustic and 
vintage atmosphere with the patterned floor tiles, rustic electric box, 
oil barrel and the chinese folding gate!

Mocha // RM10

Cafe latte // 

we ordered 8 pieces of their signature open toasts! wanted to order more
but they were all sold out..... so three of us shared 8 pieces of toasts, just nice
because we are going for buffet next meal :p all of them tasted good! yes,
as good as they look! my favourite goes to smoked salmon with cream cheese,
capers and cucumber ribbons! and my second favourite, caramelised banana
with peanut butter!!! omg i didnt know banana and peanut butter will turn out
to be that good! YUMS 

The front door signature toast RM6/slice  RM18/3slices  RM25/6slices

and lastly, i super love their hand-drawn menu! so cute :D

The Front Door
Address: 78, Jalan Sultan, 50000, KL
Phone: 012 788 6844
Opening hours: 8am - 6pm daily
Facebook: The Front Door

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4 dreamers

  1. Listed this cafe in my To eat list but still have no time to go.
    The toast, the toast, the toaaaaast look yummy!
    You super pandai cari makan loh!

    1. mai aneh say la
      my level of tham jiak can tells from my body hahaha

  2. Wow,the photo looks super yummy!
    This place somehow looks like one of the restaurant I had visited before.The name is Garage 51.

  3. like the decoration so much ^^

    hand draw menu great idea ...


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