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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

went for a food testing session at Cititel Penang for their wedding package.
i always thought that wedding dinner is very pricey which it will costs more
than a thousand ringgit for a table especially in a hotel......


Cititel offers affordable packages from only RM928nett per table!!!
of course, hotel is always a perfect venue for beautiful wedding banquets.
they even have hotel's professional event planners to help you to make
your special day memorable!

wedding themed box and invitation cards

the beautiful setting of the table, love the details

Hot and cold combination
first dish is the hot and cold combination of four dishes: jellyfish with spicy sauce,
fried scramble egg with crab meat, stir fried chicken with dried chilies & steamed 
prawn dumpling with chili sauce. 

scramble egg is always my favourite of the first dish :p
love their jellyfish with spicy sauce, soft but crunchy!

Shark's fin soup with crab meat and dried scallop
other choices like crab meat soup with mushroom and fish lips,
szechuan soup with seafood, shark's fin with pumpkin and crab meat,
eight treasure soup with julienne abalone, double-boiled fish maw soup
with black chicken also available for your choice!

Steamed chicken with chinese herbs wrapped in grass paper
the chicken was super soft and and it goes with the chinese herb it was super yummy!
if you dont like this soupy chinese herbal chicken, they also have roasted crispy 
chicken with five spice powder, deep fried chicken chop with mango kerabu or 
crispy fried boneless chicken with kimchi sauce which i think most of 
the youngsters would prefer!

Steamed red snapper with superior soy sauce
we had steamed red snapper for the fish! the orange blanket was super cute LOL
the red snapper was nicely steamed and full of the fragrance of the soy sauce and
coriander, simple and nice!

Braised chinese cabbage with black mushroom and dried scallop sauce
some find veggie dish is a bit boring and plain but i think it is very important
to neutralize between all the meaty dish LOL. chinese cabbage was well-braised,
very soft and flavourful, a presentable dish!

Fried prawns with 'kam heong' curry paste
we were attracted by the kam heong smell before it was served,
it smells so good! the prawns were very fresh and the taste was super flavourful,
everyone of us love it! 

Fried rice with yam wrapped in lotus leave
one of my favourite dish! i love the fried rice very much its full of tiny dried shrimp
and has a very strong flavour and taste of shrimp and yam. 

Chilled honey dew melon puree with pearl sago and infused vanilla ice cream
an awesome dessert to end the dinner! a scoop of vanilla ice cream was added into the
honeydew puree, sweet and milky, love it!

three wedding banquets that available in Cititel:
(click on the photo to enlarge it)

make your booking today and enjoy a 50% off for food tasting of 10pax per table!

Cititel Penang
Address: 66, Jalan Penang, 10000, Georgetown Penang. 
Phone: 04 291 1128 
Facebook: Cititel Penang

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  1. I also want to have a same wonderful menu for my wedding, as food is really most important factor for planning a wedding. I got married at venues for weddings in Los Angeles and their staff served amazing food to our guests.


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