Buffet dinner in the sky@59sixty Dinning Room, Komtar Penang

Thursday, August 27, 2015

a night well spent at the tallest building of penang ♥

i thought last Friday was a very bad day for me... because i was caught in traffic jam
for around two hours. took this photo of komtar when i was in the jam, so near yet so 
far because i couldn't get into the carpark, sat in the car and feeling so hopeless.... haih

our buffet session starts at 6pm and i was very very late, reached around 7pm.
59sixty entrance is just beside Maybank, so the best place to park will be the multi
level carpark opposite Maybank, or the open air carpark opposite pos office
beside Bee Chin Hiang. the hostess was very helpful to guide me up to level 59,
i was very worry at first because i have no idea how to get up at all hehehe

was welcomed by the breathtaking view of penang - the beautiful land where i was
born and raised. it immediately brighten up my draggy evening! it was like 20 years
ago when i was still a kid standing at the same spot in this 40 year-old historical
building watching this beautiful scene.... penang has definitely turned into a
better place and im also 20years older..... now im emotionally compromised LOL

59sixty dinning room is located at 59th floor of Komtar, beautifully decorated in 
Mediterranean theme, blue and white as the main colour of the interior. i love it 
blue and white especially at a high floor, very relaxing and instead of saying it as
the colour of Mediterranean, i prefer to say it as the colour of the sky ♥

Photo credit: HH

our table with our name tag on!

beautiful place, breathtaking view and of course it comes with a glorious buffet 
spread which includes local and international cuisine. other than chinese, western,
nyonya, middle eastern, japanese and a wide seafood selections.... so much choices
and i did not manage to snap all the food pictures, only sharing a part of it here


you find all kinds of appetizers here: kerabu, kimchi, cold cuts, smoked salmon,
salad etc. two soup selection: seafood soup and tomato soup, super love their tomato
soup, very appetizing!

Tomato soup

Garlic bread and cheese stick

Taco DIY corner


my bf had so much seafood that night! i did not take seafood so i ask for his
comment and he replied me: very fresh! so glad to tag him along and help me to
swallow all the seafood!

Slipper lobsters

Fresh oysters

Tomato rice

Braised BBQ and soy cheek

Baked mushroom polenta

Vongole clams

Scallop egg sauce

Steamed cod ginger

Chicken teriyaki

Chili crispy prawns

Braised lamb with tomato

Chicken karaage sushi

Tamago mentai sushi

Japanese corner with all the sushi, tempura, golden egg and fresh sashimi!
did not expect much at their sashimi but we're so surprise that they actually 
serve salmon, maguro, shiro maguro and ika! although they are in a smaller
piece but its ok, i can grab more pieces, as long as they are fresh and clean!

guess what! they have a dimsum corner somemore leh
and all the noodles, char koay teow etc..... i did not try their char koay teow
but HH had two plates so i guess it is good!

pasta corner! look at all the ingredients!!!! 

roasted chicken, roasted duck, char siew etc.........

BBQ area offering lamb, chicken, squid and prawns! one of my favourite
part of the night, i had like three huge pieces of lamb that night!

cooked salmon and some side dishes

chicken and beef satay

seafood area which you can pick and request the way of cooking it. i saw alot of 
people having chili crab that night!

fresh orange punch, mango juice and dragon fruit juice

dessert corner! i cant wait to try all but after three rounds of buffet, i just managed
to have a small piece of cake, ice cream and some chocolate dipped fruits. they have
white chocolate fountain omg!!!!!

ignore my fat face ya.... i just need to take a pic with the white chocolate

cakes and puddings

coffee machine

ice cream selections and toppings

so happy to see stir-fried ice cream in 59sixty! your choice of strawberry, blueberry
and raspberry. we picked blueberry and it was super yummy, look at the 
portion of blueberries in my ice cream!

wine and beer available in the drinks menu! 

cozy seats along the window side! please make your booking earlier and request for 
window seats, its very limited. and also romantic candlelight dinner tables with beautiful 
view beside you, only a few tables daily and 10 tables available for valentines day only! 

guys you know what to do....
can start to make reservation already to avoid disappointment!

night view of georgetown

my date of the night! the '大地在我脚下' pose HAHAHA

went to the bar for a drink after meal, very excited that the sky bar will be opened
very very soon! 59sixty is having a merdeka eve party so if you do not have a 
plan yet, come and party in the sky ya!

enjoying our drink and live band to end our wonderful night!

59sixty Dinning Room

Buffet dinner starts from 6.30pm onwards

Monday – Friday 
Lunch – RM88 nett 
Afternoon Tea - RM68 nett for two 
Dinner – RM168 nett 

Saturday & Sunday
Brunch – RM98 nett 
Dinner – RM168 nett 

50% off for senior citizen and children age of 3-7years old.

Address: Level 59&60, Komtar, Jalan Penang, 10000, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 262 5960
Facebook: 59sixty

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  1. thanks for the update, but when they open last time people say their giving bad service oh~

    (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

    1. oh really? i heard some bad comments too but now they really improved alot!


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