Kindori Ice Cream Cake

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Kindori is always my favourite ice cream! it is low sugar, low fat and
low calorie, kindori ice cream is made of 100% blast frozen fresh fruits and 
100% fresh milk with no colouring no preservative. one more reason to love 
kindori more, is now you can order online and have it deliver to your doorstep!

read my previous review about kindori ice cream here

Kindori ice cream cake (chocolate mint)
kindori has added some new products and several kinds of ice cream 
cakes. i love their ice cream cakes so much, not only they are beautifully 
decorated, they also taste super good! my top 3 favourite flavours: 
durian, choco mint and choco banana! for durian lovers, please try
their durian ice cream, it tastes like real milky frozen durian!

Kindori slice cake (durian) get it here:

Kindori slice cake (matcha/mango/sesame) get it here:

Kindori ice cream cake (8 in 1 flavours) get it here:
one of my favourite kindori ice cream cake, the flavours are black sesame, 
vanilla, dark chocolate, strawberry, choco mint, mango, matcha and 
sumiyaki coffee. best choice when you cant made up your mind which flavour 
you should get. it looks super pretty and colourful too, right?

Kindori ice cream cake (vanilla)

happy happy to receive my kindori ice cream. nicely packed in box with dry ice pack

Kindori is no longer available in Gurney Plaza now but you can still find
their yummy lollipop ice cream and durian ice cream at the following locations:

you can order your cakes here: (delivery charges applied) 
for Penangites you can enjoy FREE DELIVERY by calling 016 422 4131(May) 
to make your order!

Kindori Ice Cream
Phone: 016 422 4131 (May)

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3 dreamers

  1. Love the 8 in 1 cake, very tempting!
    Can say bye bye to boring birthday cake!

    1. yes! another good choice for birthday cake!

  2. Hello, may I know how many days in advance require for an ice cream cake order via online?


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