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Thursday, August 20, 2015

this is an app that you must have in your phone! 

one of the best app that i used for food and cafe hunting is OpenSnap. i've been using 
Foursquare, Swarm etc for cafe/restaurant comments but because they are not specifically for 
food so sometimes end up nothing i could find. OpenSnap is different, it is specially for food, 
where you can share your comments, photos, price and bookmark your favourite restaurants!

i really love functions of OpenSnap, it is perfectly designed to solve your 'where 
to eat' and 'what to eat' questions. i believe everybody will have this problem, 
when you decided to try a new cafe but not sure if the food is good, is it pricey, 
do they serve main courses etc…. all you have to do is search it in OpenSnap! 
yes, i did that and it works! 

sharing all my favorite features of OpenSnap: 


a good way to start if you are a new user, you can link OpenSnap with 
Facebook and find your friends in OpenSnap! you can see the restaurant that 
your friend visited, their photos and comments! you can even take places that 

your friends have bookmarked as reference! i love this function, which we can 
share and know more about new places!


other than your Facebook friends, it is also showing all the foodies nearby you!

stalking a friend's bookmark list or you can spot your friends' visited restaurant!


You are able to bookmark your favorite restaurant to stay up-to-date of their news 
and offers. i always bookmark places that i wanted to visit and make a list, so that i 
wouldn't miss out any of them! followers can also see my bookmark list, its public!
so got good places lets share share k :D


sharing my bookmark list! 
just bookmark or follow by tapping it whenever you enter a restaurant's profile!

another express way to bookmark a place whenever you wanna save a place from 
your friend's list, just tap on the bookmark icon on the top right of the photo!


Yes, you can search nearby places for food by tapping on the 'nearby', 
bookmarked places will be appearing in the bookmark list if the restaurant 
is nearby too, so, we will never miss out any restaurant! so easy to use, 
even my granny can use it too!



Good thing about customizing the locations, it will be easier for us to view 
and search for the places that we want. this feature keeps me updated to all
 the area that I'm interested or nearby, seeking all the new restaurant or offers 
that available time to time!


for example: Gurney Drive. you will be able to see:
- places that your friends have visited at Gurney Drive
- latest photos of restaurants along Gurney Drive
- your bookmarked restaurant of Gurney Drive
- dishes that available along Gurney Drive

so when you happen to be at that area and not sure what to eat, just look 
back your bookmark list at Gurney Drive! very user friendly right?


other than just showing the address of the restaurant, OpenSnap has 
map view too!hey, map view is very important leh (to me especially LOL)
 i believe it helps a lot, making people easier to get to a cafe/restaurant….. 
or, when you travel to a new place, you would be really thankful to have 
a location map! 


and another useful tips for map view, you can view all the restaurant nearby 
by tapping on the map icon on the top right corner!


somehow i feel, 'where to eat' is also one of the toughest question to 
answer when we travel. for a foodie like me, normally i will make a long list 
of eatery (yes, very greedy! :p) couldn't made up my mind which to give up. 
i think OpenSnap helps a lot! get to know new places and also comments. 
we are able to view all the latest photos of other cities, not only 
in Malaysia… even other countries! 


last but not least,
remember to download OpenSnap and follow me @dreamybit
I'm sharing yummy food that i had and also sharing some home cook food:


overall i have to say…..
OpenSnap really make my life easier (yes my life is about eating :p)
lunch hour what to eat is not a problem anymore. and i also love its clean & 
neat interface, super user friendly AND ITS FREE! so hurry up and download yours 

Download here: IOS   Android

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