Beautiful homemade cakes from Apple Blossom Bakery

Monday, August 31, 2015

many people have been asking me about the beautiful birthday cake that
we got for gary on his birthday earlier this month. frankly speaking, this is also 
my first time seeing such beautiful and creative cake, specially designed to match our
colours of the night - red and black. many many thanks to the talented baker of Apple
Blossom Bakery - Eileen, for her creativity and effort. 

was told that this cake is called a Treat Cake, not only looks super pretty and fun with
all sweet treats: pretzels, popcorn, cherries, oreos, maltesers etc and it tastes super good too!!!

super happy happy birthday boy!

our favourite chocolate mud cake, very rich and chocolatey but not too sweet, thumbs up!

beautiful decoration for our dinning table by whatabash
they offer dinner dinning decor package from Rm250 only.
like their facebook page for more info!

dont forget to visit Apple Blossom Bakery for all the pretty cakes ya!

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