Eyelash extension service in Penang island

Thursday, September 17, 2015

i've tried eyelashes extensions like finally! 

many many thanks to pretty mama- Michelle, she is a mother of two, a full 
time housewife who runs a small eyelashes extension business at her house. i was
 so worried because i have never try this before, heard some bad comments that our 
real eyelash will get off or eyelid sensitive/swollen etc. Michelle explained to me 
very patiently, show me and help me to differentiate the types of false eyelashes and 
also the right way to take care of it!

Premium silk lash

Michelle uses premium silk lash normally, it is softer and lighter, and for my 
eyes, she suggested me to go for 120 eyelashes for each eye, not too exaggerate 
but it did gave me a dolly look which i love it very very much!

colour lashes which i think they are quite interesting, try them next time maybe :p

i did not put on any eye make up here, just eyebrow! it looks like an invisible 
eyeliner-like line on my eyes right? that is the biggest advantages for lash extension, 
need no more make up to look better!

super in love with my long long lash! ♥

if you would like to have long long lash like me, and to look effortlessly good even 
without eye make up, please contact Michelle, you will surely love it!
like and follow her page for more info and beauty tips ♥

Wechat: mpat30
Phone: 012 451 3373

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