Shunka Japanese Family Restaurant

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Shunka is one of my favourite Japanese restaurant in Penang! not only
because they serve delicious and affordable Japanese food, i love the good
service and environment very much. unlike most of the Japanese restaurants
which on a higher price range, Shunka has a very affordable price range and
 a wide selection in their menu!

madly in love with their interior!

tatami private room available on the first floor!

Japanese salad // RM16.80
japanese salad with a dressing of your choice, we go for sesame dressing that night,
a simple and hearty appetizer for the night!

Salmon mentaiyaki // RM15.80
the salmon was nicely grilled, topped with a generous amount of mentaiyaki!
why was mentaiyaki so good with everything? YUMSS

Cheese baked white tuna roll // RM18.90
one thing very special about Shunka, they did not serve any ordinary sushi but
fried sushi, all the sushi was so crispy! we tried two of the best selling roll, cheese baked
white tuna roll and mentaiyaki baked salmon roll, both were good but personally i prefer
mentaiyaki salmon hehehe

Mentaiyaki baked salmon roll // RM18.90

Grilled pork belly RM7.30
grilled pork belly which is not oily at all! love the crispiness, can i order a beer
to go with this?

Squid butter grilled // RM22.90
i really love this grilled squid very much, i think it is one of the best in penang!
not overcook and it was very chewy! 

Japanese cheese omelet // RM10.50 

japanese omelet is one of their signature must-order in Shunka!
you can see the beautiful layering, they are all freshly made after
every order, warm, soft and smooth with melting cheese, how could
anyone say no to this?

Beef sukiyaki steamboat // RM24.90
my kind of food - i always love sukiyaki! nothing to complain about this sukiyaki,
still as good as before, sweet, full with veggies and the beef slices were yums,
dipped it with egg, smooth and soft!

Kimchi steamboat // RM17.90
a lot of good comments for this kimchi steamboat so if you are a kimchi
lover, try this! the kimchi chili paste was homemade, you can also
pick the level of spiciness, but level 1 is good enough for me, i enjoyed
the taste of kimchi more than the spiciness hehehe.

Japanese omelet noodle // RM13.90
immediately thought of my boyfriend when seeing this dish, because it is 
his favourite! a very simple noodle wrapped with omelet, nicely decorated with
sweet sauce and mayonnaise. others might think it is a bit over sweet.... like me, 
i think it was a little sweet, but my boyfriend said it is ok and he loves it, 
so..... depends on your taste buds.

Tonkotsu shoyu ramen // RM19.90
the pork bone soup base was nice! served with pork slices and egg, a little sad for the
egg as it was too well-cooked for my liking, overall was ok, nothing to complain.

Teriyaki bibimbap // RM19.70

the sauce was separated as korean bibimbap, full of chicken teriyaki and it 
was delicious! a little of Korean x Japanese kind of dish, enjoyed it very much.

Spicy pork bulgogi // RM17.90
a little spicy but delectable! onsen tamago added so it has more moisture compared to
teriyaki bibimbap, sprinkled with spring onions and white sesame, love it!

Garlic fried rice // RM10.50
their garlic fried rice was served in a sizzling hot stone and the air was filled with 
the aroma of garlic, the fried rice itself was heavenly, and i would like to have the 
bottom part which is a little burnt, crisp!

Magic matcha // RM16.90  
Iced blended matcha with red bean // RM16.90
signature drink of Shunka, they have a wide range of match desserts and drinks,
magic matcha was served with matcha ice cream and matcha ice cube, so unlike 
any other drink, magic matcha gets richer and thicker when the ice cubes and 
ice cream melts.

Hot matcha // RM7.30
hot matcha which you can taste the pureness of matcha, very comforting.

Matcha float with shiratama // RM16.90
another favourite of mine, because it served with shiratama!
they have others matcha desserts too like pancake, ice cream etc.

and Shunka also offers set lunch from RM7 only! served with green tea and soup

Shunka Japanese Restaurant
Address: 124E, Burmah Road, 10050 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 228 3889
Opening hours: 11.30am -10.30pm daily

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