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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Chateau 33 is a fine dinning & wine restaurant located at Lot33, lower ground floor
of Prangin Mall jusr right beside Pizzaiola. it opens not long ago and last week was
my first visit, was amazed by the classy and modern interior, immediately fall in
love with this hidden gem in Prangin Mall!

extremely love the ambience around the restaurant! texture flooring 
and victorian parlor chairs, almost every area has beautiful european 
decorations and wine bottles.

cozy sofa area just in front of a full rack of wine

not only the common dinning area, Chateau 33 has 4 different theme cigar & wine 
rooms and also a super VIP room for 10pax and above!

my favourite room with red victorian sofa, looks so classy right!

and a wine cellar full of wines!

VIP room for up to 14pax with a minimum RM1000 spend, a very exclusive and 
private space for dinning, love it!

Complimentary bread served before meal

Lobster bisque soup // RM38

a luscious soup full of intense flavour of seafood with a very presentable 
serving with a baby lobster

Cream tomato soup // RM28
served with a roasted tomato, a very creamy and rich tomato soup, love it!

Mushroom pie soup // RM30 
one of the best mushroom pie that i every had! covered with a layer of
buttery puff pastry and creamy mushroom soup, warm and comforting.

Caesar salad // RM30
we had two salads that night: caesar salad and soft shell crab salad
personally prefer the sesame dressing of soft shell crab salad

Soft shell crab salad // RM35

Chili bean paste fried rice // RM30
a very special fusion dish in Chateau33! the rice was very soft and moist and cooked
with their special made chili bean paste, served with grilled chicken with sweet sauce.

Noodle with shrimp broth // RM33
another special fusion dish, a very intense shrimp flavour broth serve with linguine,
prawns, hard boiled egg and bean sprout! was told that the right way to enjoy this 
dish is to have it like soba, dip and eat right away!

Teriyaki salmon // RM45
the thickness of the salmon was very very satisfying, yums! the skin of the salmon
 was just nice, crispy and juicy, great combination with teriyaki sauce!

Pan seared chicken roulade // RM48
nice and soft pieces of pan seared chicken served with capers cream sauce.
can see there was a very special side dish - cooked snow pear! sweet and juicy so yummies!

Rib eye steak // RM45

one of my favourite of the night! steak lovers please dont miss this,
only RM45 for a rib eye steak like this, perfectly panfried to medium rare!

Crispy salted lamb rack // RM98
the lamb rack was awesome too, well-marinated and nicely cooked! with the
price RM98 and the portion i think it was totally worth it, not to say the taste 
was delectable, what a satisfying night!

oh no wait..... 
how can a night like this ends without a bottle of nice wine?

Terra Noble Gran Reserva Carmenere // RM80
Chateau33 has a really long list of wine, was recommended by the friendly staff
as we wanted something nice, easy to drink and affordable, we think it is a very
good choice, a bottle of Terra Noble Gran Reserva Carmenere from Chile for 
only RM80! not bad right? another happy drinking night!

美女 Miss HH
like having candle light dinner right? LOL
the ambience was just too perfect for a date night

Chateau33@Lot33, Basement of Prangin Mall

Address: 33-SB-01, Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, 10100 Georgetown Penang
Phone: 04 250 5504
Opening hours: 12pm-12am
Facebook: Chateau 33

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