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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

second visit to Pizzaiola at Lot33 was to try their semi-buffet from RM18 per pax only!
whenever you dine in Pizzaiola and spend over RM18 per pax, you can enjoy their
unlimited salad, soup and dessert for free! my first visit was on february, totally in
love for their pizza and always wanting to visit them again!

their semi-buffet available from 11am-9.30pm daily, everything is served at the 
long table beside the entrance, i tried their cream soup with bread and salad, 
simple and comforting appetizers. and for their desserts, they serve nitrogen 
ice cream and some cakes, nitrogen ice cream is freshly made after order and
1 person is entitled for 1glass only, special for customer spend over RM18
after 7pm daily!

Nitrogen ice cream corner

Lemon bubble shake // RM1.80
yes its only RM1.80 for this bubble shake lemon which i think it is 
mad cheap for a drink in Lot33! (even cheaper than kopitiam leh) the layer
of bubble was really smooth and solid, the only thing was it was a little too
sweet for me for the hot lemon bubble shake, prefer the iced one tho.

Smoked duck breast // RM18.80
our dinner started with my favourite appetizer - smoked duck breast! 

Chicken wings // RM12.80
nicely grilled chicken wings, very well marinated!

Carbonara unagi spaghetti // RM20.80
one of my favourite spaghetti, 2nd time having it and im still loving it!
the cabonara spaghetti was nicely cooked with mushroom and creamy
sauce, served with a big piece of grilled unagi, irresistible!

BBQ chicken risotto // RM19.80
i was quite surprise that the bbq chicken is actually served as a satay, it was
softer and juicier, well-marinated and served with bbq sauce and risotto.

Lasagna manzo al prono chicken/beef // RM16.80
your choice of chicken or beef lasagna, a very tummy-filling dish! just look at
the portion, so big and cheesy! we tried both chicken and beef and personally i
prefer beef and i thought chicken was a little sweeter than beef.

Baked risotto with unagi // RM23.80
baked risotto which i think it is more like fried rice to me, it was a little
drier than risotto but the taste was good, garlicky and cheesy at the same
time, topped with unagi and cheese-baked!

Gamberi arrabiata spaghetti // RM18.80
seafood lover must be very happy because this spaghetti is served with three
deep-fried prawns! the taste was ok for me, sourish tomato-base and a little
hint of chili flakes, not bad!

Black pepper rock lobster spaghetti // RM22.80
black pepper spaghetti which served with a slipper lobster, very easy to eat it
cause it was cut into half. the flavour of the black pepper was very strong, a little
too peppery for me, but if you really love black pepper, i would recommend this!

Mongolian cheesy mango // RM31.80(normal price) RM15.90(promo price)
my first try for a mango pizza and it tasted good, kind of like pineapple on a pizza
but it is smoother and sweeter, i like the fruity mango scent all over the pizza, not
as heavy as those meaty ones!

Salmone affumicato pizza // RM25.80
tried another new salmon pizza! salmon and onions all over the pizza,
and i super love their crust, not too thick but also not too thin, it was
crispy and fluffy at the same time.

Pizzaiola pizza // RM52.80
the signature pizzaiola pizza FOR SHARING! nothing much to say, look at the portion and
you can taste 4 flovours with this price, i would say it is very worthy!

last but not least, we ordered our nitrogen ice cream! they serve different flavour
everyday and the day i visit was mango with oreo, freshly made after we ordered!

frozen in a second!

our perfect glass of nitrogen ice cream to end the meal!

Address: 33-SB-03 Prangin Mall, Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 250 5501/012 465 5299
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Facebook: Pizzaiola

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