Tavern in the park@Hin Bus Depot

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

boyfriend and I went for breakfast last saturday (so rare!) he usually wakes 
up in the afternoon on weekends but last saturday he woke up super early (even 
earlier than me leh!) cannot miss the chance so immediately asked him to bring 
me for breakfast at Tavern in the park which opens 3weeks ago.

hello! ♥

this little tavern is located at Hin Bus Depot, sooooo in love with the surrounding! 
there is a spacious car park beside it, just turn in from Jalan Timah, very convenient 
to get your car parked! and for the environment, utterly cozy and relaxing,
it is glass-covered and we could enjoy the green and sunlight, bliss!

Granola // RM16

nothing healthier than granola with fruits! served with yogurt and honey,
simple and tummy-filling.

Crostini // 4 for RM24
crostini 3 for RM18 but we had 4, because we couldn't make up our mind which to
order and we had chicken pesto, strawberry and blueberry, smoked salmon and
peanut butter banana. 

Chicken pesto crostini
that pesto was awesome!!!! very very nice and garlicky scent of basil the crostini 
was soft but crispy, the pesto was kinda moist with olive oil which brings 
some moisture to the crostini, really love it!

Peanut butter banana
immediately think of a friend @peanutbutterbananana when i see this on the menu LOL
I MUST EAT YOU! it was sweet and dulcet, a harmony combination for my liking, yum yum

found this pic in my camera and i need to tell my boyfriend ‘你的摄影技术进步了咯!’
might not be a perfect photo but i really love it!

my 'selfie' after meal LOL. cant't wait for my next visit!

Tavern in the Park
Address: Hin Bus Depot Art Centre, 125, Jalan Timah, 10150 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 218 9394
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily

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3 dreamers

  1. WOW! I never Hin Bus Depot can be so nice! The Crostini looks yummy and is so photogenic XD
    Your bf really can take good photo! Nice shot!

    1. yes a very nice place for photos! my bf is like that one, took 10 pic only 1 pic nice hahaha

  2. Love the design and exotic concept !!! Must go must go hehe ~


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