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Thursday, November 19, 2015

drove all the way to Alor Setar two weeks ago for Blackwood Cafe! was so excited 
when Jazz jio me to visit a cafe out of penang somemore i've never been to Alor Setar 
before hehehehe...... the cafe is located around 5 mins walking distance from Aman 
Central, super easy to find! Blackwood Cafe is very popular in Northern region, they 
already have 8 branches at Kulim, Jitra, Perlis, Sungai Petani etc and good news to 
Penangites: they are planing to have another branch at Butturworth very soon!

the interior was unexpectedly spacious! both indoor and al fresco area were nicely designed
and completed with cozy sofa area. they will also have different decorations to match
the season, we were just in time for halloween!

and guess what, they serve Haagen Dazs here!

Blackwood membership card with benefit like you can enjoy a scoop of Haagen Dazs for
half price on every Thursday and also enjoy their weekly member's promotion!

Blackwood's menu covers a wide range from western food to asian food, breakfast and brunch,
pizza and desserts. even the beverages have a few pages to pick from!

Banana nut crunchy smoothie // RM11
Strawberry pistachio smoothie // RM11
i love their smoothies not only look good and its a healthier choice by using fruits and nuts!

Popcorn latte // RM12
my boyfriend had this! something special compared to the normal iced latte
i had a sip and i can actually tasted abit of the melted popcorn and caramel
in the latte, not bad! if you are not so into iced latte, you can opt for hot latte:

Aussie lattle // RM9

Oreo cookies // RM15
Freezy mocha cream chip // RM15

Toasted marshmallow // RM10
my pick - i love hot chocolate served with marshmallow and its toasted!!
melted in the cup and it did added some light sweetness for my hot choco, girls will love it!

Seafood chowder soup // RM8
Creamy mushroom soup // RM7
we tried three of their soups: seafood chowder, creamy mushroom and de pomodoro, 
dont you think it is very rare to see a cafe with so many choices of soup? my favourite 
goes to de pomodoro, i always love tomato, so appetizing!

De pomodoro // RM8

Mariana seafood spaghetti // RM17
 two of their best selling pastas! mariana seafood spaghetti was simply mouth-watering and
flavourful with a generous serving of seafood. pesto chicken spaghetti looks less exciting
but surprisingly it tasted good! the aroma of basil was strong and quite garlicky, first
time trying pesto which is not green but yums!

Italian pesto chicken spaghetti // RM17

US steak fries // RM9
who doesn't love these long golden crisps? their US steak fries served with
3 sauces: tomato, mayo and their homemade italian sauce.

Pan grilled Italian herbs chicken // RM19 
pan grilled chicken served with mixed veggie and potato wedges, dont you think it is super
wallet-friendly for a portion like this? 

Baked honey mustard salmon // RM32
one of my favourite dish. two pieces of baked salmon beautifully served on a bed of
grilled veggies, matching with the honey mustard sauce and lemon, simple delicious!

T-bone steak // RM52
the portion was crazily big right?
their lamb was imported all the way from Australia, T-bone steak and lamb rack are both
my favourite dish of the day! both were scrumptious and well marinated, especially the
lamb rack, tender and juicy, one bite is definitely not enough!

NZ Lamb rack // RM40

Stone grilled beef rib with black pepper // RM36
beef rib was nicely grilled into medium rare, perfect match with black pepper sauce!
it was served with fresh veggies and mashed potato.

Chicken sausage and mushroom pizza // RM18
Blackwood Cafe has a simple pizza menu for pizza lovers too! we tried chicken and mushroom
pizza, the pizza base was just nice, not too thick with crispy edge and most importantly...
it is even cheaper than domino's or pizza hut's!

The classic burger // RM17
classic burger comes with two pieces of grilled chicken, assorted veggie and cheese. one thing i
love about their burger, quite moisture with the mustard sauce not feeling dry at all! unlike
any other burger joint, the burger was served with potato chips instead of french fries.

Eggs in the cloud // RM16
one of the breakfast that i shouted 'must try!' ok la it was because of the 'eggs in the cloud',
i've seen so many times on facebook people sharing about the way of making it but i never
try it before. it is one of the breakfast which served in Blackwood, with baked beans,
turkey ham, foot long sausage, sauteed mushroom and bread, and the fluffy egg tasted
like cotton candy to me LOL! but it really looked nice isn't it?

Nutella banana pancakes with haagen-dazs // RM18
we were so full already but still, we managed to finish this pancake - served with 
a scoop of haagen dazs ice cream and fruits. a perfect dessert to end our lunch and left 
Alor Setar with a happy tummy!

special thanks to Blackwood Cafe for the warm hosting!

Blackwood Coffee & Chocolate
Address: S9,10,11 Lot 92, Jalan Istana Kuning, 05000 Alor Setar, Kedah.
Phone: 04 735 0298
Opening hours: 10:30am - 11:30pm daily

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