Pink Elephant Thai Fried Ice Cream@Queensbay Mall

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Very happy that we can now find our favourite thailand fried ice cream in Queensbay Mall!
Pink Elephant is located at Level 3 of Queensbay Mall, an eye-catchy pastel colour shop
near GSC. i actually walked by a few times but the shop was so crowded because everyone
is enjoy watching the live process of making a fried ice cream!

oh hi! pink elephant's super cute mascot

fried ice cream menu

their thai fried ice cream has five flavours to choose from: vanilla, thai tea,
yam, chocolate and green tea. each of the flavour is the milk base and you can
pick the combination that you want! recall back when i had this fried ice cream 
in thai, they has only a vanilla milk base and in Pink Elephant you have over
40++ choices to pick from!

and for the beverages, three main choices: tea, coffee and choco. everything is 
imported from Thailand!

i had Payom Coco which is one of their best seller! i asked for less sweet so the
sweetness was just right and it was very chocolatey and i can taste a little bit of
the chocolate bitterness which i love it very much!

Payom coco // RM4.90

my fried ice cream-in-making! guess what flavour ah? in case you not so sure what is
Thai fried ice cream, it was actually 'frying' the milk base and the ingredients on a 
ice-frozen-pan! no matter how many times i have seen the process, i still enjoy
watching it LOL

Vanilla + durian // RM13.80

yes i picked durian!! it comes with marshmallow and oreo and for ice cream more than
RM10, you can get another topping for free so i added choco sticks for mine! 
durian ice cream is always a smart choice for durian lovers, so yummy!!!

Pink Elephant Ice Cream
Address: 3F-39, Queensbay Mall, 100, Persiaran Bayan Indah
Phone: 014 221 4978
Opening hours: 10.30am - 10.30pm daily
Facebook: Pink Elephant Ice Cream

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