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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

wanted to visit Farquhar Mansion for so long and i was so lucky to have visited them twice 
this month! *a lucky month to end my 2015 lol*   Thank you Jazz for tagging me along for 
attending a glass tasting event led by Riedel - one of the best glass maker in the world!
never thought that a good wine glass can make such huge difference for a glass of wine.

some light finger food was prepared by Faquhar Mansion, not a proper wine pairing
dinner but they were so thoughtful to prepare light food matching with the wine that are going
to be served! and look! they were served beautifully on their afternoon tea pumpkin carriage!

so classy and stylish at the same time! even their finger food tasted awesome!

a few types of wine was prepared for different glass matching,
and most importantly, different glasses was nicely placed in front of me:

a glass of sky juice, a plastic cup, a joker glass and four Vinum series wine glasses by Riedel.

Vinum glasses are the first machine-made glass in history to be based on the characteristics
of grape varietal, it was developed in tasting workshops based on the performance where
the contents commands the shape. was told that this set of four crystal glasses of Riedel
costs around RM800+

About Riedel

To fully appreciate the personality of different grape varieties and the subtle character of wines,
it is essential to have an appropriately fine tuned glass shape. The shape is responsible for the 
flow of the wine and consequently where it touches the various taste zones of the tongue. 
The initial point of contact depends on the shape and volume of the glass, the diameter of the 
rim and its finish (whether it is cut and polished or rolled edge) as well as the thickness 
of the crystal.

As you put your wine glass to your lips, your taste buds are on alert. Once the tongue 
is in contact with the wine, three messages are transmitted at the same time: temperature, 
texture and taste. Wine is composed of different elements: fruit, acidity, mineral components, 
tannin and alcohol. The combination between of the sense of smell and taste leads into the 
wonderful world of flavour.

It is the glass shape which is responsible for balance and harmony of flavours. Riedel was
 first to discover the concept: 'The content commands the shape!'

the person in-charge of Riedel introducing the history of Riedel, thanks to him, we really
learnt alot that night! and i was totally bowled over by what a difference a glass could make. 

first glass we had for the night was Vinum Sauvignon-blanc, slightly taller and slimmer 
stem, has a petite bowl that is considerably tapered at the top. it is best used for fruity white
wine as it delivers the aroma of the wine straight to the nose. 

Vinum Chardonnay best matching white wines and of course, best matching Chardonnay 
wine itself. the glass has a wider bowl that is slightly tapered near the top. the long stem 
keeps the wine chilled longer and the bowl was designed to have enough room for the
drinker to swirl the wine around and appreciate the aroma.

we tried both white wine in their best glass and also in the joker glass. couldn't believe that the 
taste was totally different in different glasses! for example our first glass of Sauvignon-blanc,
it was mild, soft and fresh like lemon and passion fruit, Sauvignon-blanc is one of the highest
acidity wine but when you have it in Sauvignon-blanc glass it tasted soft and did not tasted the
strong acidity. and then we pour it over to the joker glass and take a sip, it was acidic and not
much fruits tasted, its even tasted a little bitter! it tasted even worst when it was poured into
our plastic cups, it was flat and bitter, tasted nothing but alcohol! 

another glass was Vinum Burgundy which looks quite similar with Vinum Chardonnay in 
terms of the height of stem, the only difference was the top. it has a big bowl too to build 
up aroma. this wine glass type guides the wine to the tongue tip. it is also suitable for 
pinot noirs which we had it that night.

pinot noirs tasted nice and smooth in a Burgundy glass, a little hint of grapefruit and 
raspberry, the acidity was just right, not too strong. after pouring it into a Chardonnay 
glass, no matter how long we swirl it, the aroma was not as strong as the previous glass, 
it was more acidic and less fruit flavour, i was really surprise for the outcome, couldn't
believe until i've tried it myself!

we also get to know about this Black Tie Face to Face Decanter by Riedel. this decanter
features two concave profiles facing one another in the interior of the vessel. this innovative
element doubles as both a bold design and as paddles. by shaking the wine until a foam cap
develops, it achieves the maximum effect of oxygen on young tannins. the result is more
satisfying, intense fruitiness on the mid-palate and a more rounded texture.

decanted wine was poured into a Vinum Bordeaux wine glass which is characterised by a 
broad bowl with a tall stem. they can be used for syrah, cabernet sauvignon, as well as 
other strong, rich wines. we gave both decanted and un-decanted a sip, it was soft, gentle
and tasted a lot of fruit for the decanted wine!

another fun part during the glass tasting session was this super huge glass that can fit a
bottle of wine in a glass!!! it was unbelievable! can i have that glass? so that i can use it
for 'a glass a day' to keeps the doctor away ;p

boyfriend not around that night so i asked my kawan along with me!
had so much fun taking photos around lol AND we really learnt a lot about wine and
glass that night, realise that as a wine lover, i still need to learn and observe more!

Thank you Farquhar Mansion for this great opportunity! 

Farquhar Mansion
Address: 33, Lebuh Farquhar, 10200, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 019 528 8933
Facebook: Farquhar Mansion

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