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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Twelve Cups is back after two months of renovations and introducing a new menu
with main dishes, dessert and of course, their famous crepe cake and coffee. went to try all 
the yummy food out two weeks ago, this place got me into Christmas mood! simple, clean 
and bright environment, decorated with Christmas tree and festive decorations, we even 
tried their Christmas meal that only available from 13th Dec - 31st Dec!

Rose latte // RM11

Apple rose tea // RM13
Tropicana breeze // RM 13

Passion fruit lychee smoothie // RM14
passion fruit is always my favourite! first time trying passion fruit with lychee and
they are going really great together!

Gingerbread man's adventure // RM15

Sunbathing olaf // RM15
sunbathing olaf and gingerbread man's adventure are both Christmas special that only 
available from 13th dec - 31st dec only! love the sunbathing olaf, lemon soda with two 
scoops of vanilla ice cream, simply thirst-quenching and cute! 

Wild mushroom soup // RM10
not-so-creamy kind of mushroom soup but i love their texture and its full of the aroma 
of mushroom, my favourite!

Truffle fries // RM13
crispy fries served with cheese sauce, soooooo hard to resist! evil combination!!

Portobello sticks // RM13
 portobello sticks were deliciously flaky and crispy! a thick slice of portobello mushroom in 
each piece, very addictive.

Shifudo crepe-aki // RM19
it tasted like okonomiyaki!!!! such a creative way to prepare a crepe in a japanese way
cabbage, seafood and salmon with crepe topped with okonomiyaki sauce and mayo,
sprinkled with bonito flakes and spring onions!

The 12th // RM22
big-eater kind of breakfast which i think it is perfect for sharing! everything was served in 
one full plate: two jumbo sausages, grilled sweet corn, hash brown, sautéed mushroom,
garlic bread, salad, grilled cherry tomatoes and your choice of sunny side up or scramble egg!

The signature shroom // RM21
one of the best seller - the signature shroom, specially for mushroom lover! the crepe was filled
with several types of mushroom: portobello, shimeiji, button mushroom and abalone mushroom
completed with a sunny side up egg!

Duffy's pride // RM19

Life of Pi // RM19
two choices of egg benedicts: duffy's pride and life of pi
both topped with a perfect poached egg and hollandaise sauce, duffy's pride was served 
with smoked duck and pesto while life of pi was served with smoked salmon slices!

Crab seafood pasta // RM22

Aglio olio // RM17
The Twelve Cups serves pasta too! we tried crab seafood pasta and aglio olio, both were nice
and i think crab seafood pasta was quite special, not easy to find among cafes, it costs
only RM22 with generous amount of crab meat and seafood! for their aglio olio i must say,
i really enjoy having it! slightly spicy and full of aroma of garlic, completed with a
poached egg which was super smooth after mix up, delicious!!

Santa parade // RM22
they do not have roasted turkey but they do serve this giant chicken drumstick in this
christmas season, serving from now until 31st dec only!

Berries on the cheese // RM16
dessert time! all the crepe looks very tempting and we were so full but still wanted to try so
we had two of it: berries on the cheese which was fruitier and cocoa marshy which was very 
chocolaty, melted marshmallow and strawberry wrapped in a chocolate crepe!

Cocoa and marshy // RM15

Candy tower // RM17
look at the mini strawberry elf, super cute! this is also available now until 31st dec only
crispy sugar baked crepe with cinnamon and cream served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Hokkaido chocolate crepe cake // RM11
last but not least, how can we not try their famous crepe cake? 
hokkaido chocolate crepe was their best seller, creamy and milky #onepiecenotenough
another one we had was tiramisu served with espresso , it was goodness!

Tiramisu // RM11

The Twelve Cups
Address: 12, The WhiteAways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 262 6812
Opening hours: 9am-11pm Monday - Thursday ; 9am-12am Friday - Sunday 
Facebook: The Twelve Cups

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