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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

visited a little restaurant located at Church Street serving Hakka cuisine weeks ago!
speaking about Hakka food, all i think is tofu and yam abacus (算盘子) which is one of 
the signature food of Hakka, right? Tofu Village mainly serving Yong Tao Fu (酿豆腐), 
they also offer some snacks, breakfast and desserts.

simple, bright and clean environment of Tofu Village. 
they actually have a corner that you can pick your own ingredients for Yong Tau Fu,
or you can also pick from the menu directly!

our drinks of the night:
Honeydew milk // RM5.50   Papaya milk // RM5.50  
Loh han guo // RM1.80   Hot lemon tea // RM2.50

Hakka fried pork // RM6.50
their fried pork was very addictive! i was eyeing for their nan ru chicken at
first until i tried this fried pork, fried pork was slightly saltier than nan ru
chicken, both was crispy, yummy and juicy, recommended!

Nan ru chicken // RM6.50

Yam abacus // RM8.90
it was my third time having yam abacus (算盘子), had it at my aunt's place twice before.
i have different feeling each time i had this, but all of them taste good on its own way.
yam abacus is best to consume when its warm as it will become sticky when cold.

Hakka noodle RM4.00(S) RM5.50(L)

hakka noodle is one of my favourite here! Tofu Village uses thicker and wider noodle,
served with minced meat, bean sprouts and sprinkled with spring onion.

Tomyam soup base // RM1.20

RM1.20 will be charged for tomyam base and clear soup is free of charge. the tomyam is
quite clear but still have very strong and intense flavour, very happy that its actually not
too spicy!

Clear soup // FOC

Bitter gourd // RM1.20 per piece

Tau fu // RM1.20 per piece
all the ingredients are freshly made daily and affordably priced from RM0.40 per piece!
my favourite goes to long bean!

Long bean // RM1.20

Pop pop chui // RM1.20 per piece
one of the must pick - pop pop chui, nice to eat weather its crispy or fully
soaked with your soup!

Fu pei // RM0.90
they also offering many choices for deep fried items! all freshly made and deep fried
right after order.

Fried wan tan // RM0.90 per piece
Fried sui kao // RM1.60 per piece
Fried prawn roll // RM1.80 per piece

Fruity pow pow frozie // RM6.50
a milk-based dessert served with fresh fruits and pow pow balls, sweet, fruity and fun!

Tofu Village
Address: 88, Lebuh Gereja, 10200, Georgetown Penang.
Phone: 04 251 9512
Opening hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm daily
Facebook: Tofu Village

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