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Thursday, January 14, 2016

spending some time browsing through Airbnb for my Tokyo trip recently. hotels in
tokyo are small and pricey.... priced from RM500++ for a mini single room, i think it's
still ok for a short trip like 3-4 nights (half broke) but not for 10 nights (totally broke!)
 i can say Airbnb saves a lot of poor travelers (like me lol) I've booked a few nights
through Airbnb, not sure if they are as good as, but i will surely share my experience
when im back, cant wait! and if you are traveling soon, sign up Airbnb here and get
RM88 off for your first trip!

sharing some nice and affordable place in Tokyo that i've bookmarked:

Hiroko's Apartment
located between Shinjuku and Yoyogi station 

Kenny's Designer Apartment
duplex room located in a famous commercial area - Kitasando, very close to Harajuku

Kiyo's House
only 3mins walk from Higashi-shinjuku station! (one of the cheapest room!)

Share House 'Miraie'
a sharing crib near JR Osaki Station, 'Miraie' means 'The future home'.
and guess what, they have a bathtub on the roof top!!!

Abilio's Apartment
a cozy and modern studio right in the heart of Shibuya. only 3 minutes walking from
Shibuya Times Square.

Omo's Studio Penthouse
one of my favourite because of the balcony and it is located at the top floor of the building!
imagine you could have to watch the beautiful scene of the busy city day and night! 

Caravan Tokyo
A double bed, dinning nook, storage shelves, wifi, air conditioning and bathroom all
in this little caravan, interesting isn't it?

Beatrice's Whiteroom
A spacious 45sqft New York style loft located only 1 minute away from the
beautiful Meguro river.

Omo's Jingumae Loft
this bright and modern loft is located right in the heart of Tokyo, only 2 minutes walking to
Shibuya, and i really love the interior very much!

Naoko's House
10 minutes walk from Shibuya Station, very near to Yoyogi Park.

Ryo's Sharing House
A new house since November 2015, they have a beautiful rooftop balcony with
great view on 4th floor!

Sho's Studio
10 minutes walk from Roppongi Station! one of the best reason to pick Roppongi - you can see
Tokyo Tower from your window!

Anime House
very cool anime room located at Roppongi, only minutes away from Azabu-juban Station
and it is only RM191 per night!

Kaori's Apartment
located at Setagawa and its only a minute walk away from Komazawa-daigaku Station!
price is much more cheaper than Shibuya/Shinjuku area, RM259 per night only!

Junko's Apartment
conveniently located at Yoyogiuehara, walking distance to Shibuya and its only from RM245 per night!

Mario Land
very cute room right? located at Meguro Station only 3 minutes away from Shibuya.
ramen restaurant and video game bars nearby!

Kako and Keiko's House
i love this house so much! cat lovers can play with meow meow somemore! it is only 5 minutes walk
to Yoyogiuehara Sation, Shibuya and Shinjuku is just nearby

some were really nice and interesting right? just that some were a little pricey,
but the price will be different based on the season so do check it out yourself!

that's all for today!

PS: the trip is so close and i dont even have time to plan for it yet T_____T
anyone that would love to share some tips or interesting places with me please leave
a comment or send me a message on my page here

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8 dreamers

  1. I love all the themed rooms, look so cozy and fun!
    Enjoy your trip Jinni!

  2. wa bookmark ki lai liaooooo!!!!!!!! omg, u left one more month to plan nia T.T

    1. yesss so near T____T so kan cheong laaaaaa

  3. I just booked my Airbnb in Osaka too, Japan hotels rate are super duper expensive, so no choice have to go to Airbnb, sob sob~

    1. yes so agree!! $ have to save save use liao

  4. 请问你什么时候去呢?我三月尾去^^

    1. 我早你一点点~ 二月尾嘻嘻嘻!


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